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MPS 3.4 released

Today we’re releasing MPS 3.4 with improvements in editor usability and cross-model generation. The fresh 3.4 release of MPS comes with several important improvements that we believe will give the MPS users new possibilities when designing languages. The three most prominent new features are:

  • A newly designed Transformation Menu Language provides a unified way to specify editor transformations, substitutions and contextual assistance. It naturally supports re-use, explicit editor-cell location as well as multiple projections.
  • New editor usability tools – Context Assistant and Context Actions Tool, help the DSL users easily discover and invoke the most relevant actions in the given editor context.
  • Generation plans have been integrated with DevKits to simplify configuration and checkpoint models can hold pointers to the preserved nodes to help users gain insight into the generation process, especially during cross-model generation scenarios.

The full list of what you can enjoy with the new release is ready at the What’s new page.
Now might be the best time for you to grab MPS 3.4 from the download page and experience the new version yourself. With the automatic migrations included in MPS 3.4 upgrading your projects will be a breeze.

The Drive to Develop
-JetBrains MPS Team


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