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First Release Candidate for MPS 2019.1

The 2019.1 release is just around the corner and we are almost ready for it. Download the first Release Candidate of 2019.1 and check out all the fixes it’s got inside:

  • No more inconsistent behavior when pasting a node into the console. (MPS-29480)
  • Fixed the NullPointerExceptions when creating a new model and adding a new facet. (MPS-29864 and MPS-29665)
  • All locations in BuildCompositePath are now reachable. (MPS-29767)
  • We include the modules containing accessory models of the used language for the BuildScript generator. (MPS-25255)

Download MPS 2019.1 RC


See the complete list of fixed bugs here. We are getting really close to the final release of 2019.1, so if you find any critical bugs this is the time to report it on our tracker!


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