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Handle deprecated code in your project

Deprecated code smells like rat. It is not a good sign to be using deprecated code in a projects for several versions. Here are a few tips that show how MPS can help you get rid of deprecated code.

The handy migrations

The Migration menu contains a Deprecated Code submenu with three migrations.

The action Find Usages of Deprecated is undoubtedly the most useful one if you want to eliminate usages of deprecated code. It will find all usages of deprecated elements in your project. The report of the found usages can, as one of the options, group the entries by the expected version of code removal, so it’s easier to recognize their severity and prioritize which to eliminate first.

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The Find Deprecated Code in Project migration will find all deprecated elements so that you can revisit them and perhaps add some helpful description to help the users migrate away from them.


The Find Deprecated Code with No Usages migration can report all deprecated elements that are no longer used by the project.


Equipped with these tools, you can now look forward to the next week, when MPS 2019.1 is going to be released. They can make you migration path more smooth and enjoyable.

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