The first bugfix of 2019.1 is here! Time for an update!

For this bugfix, we solved a bunch of issues that we have been fighting with for some time. The main fixes we made were:

  • Runtime Solution with a .JAR as a model root causes build script to fail. Fixed. (MPS-30053)
  • Move model doesn’t add dependencies. Fixed. (MPS-25519)
  • Find usages of java stub method not working. Fixed. (MPS-30038)
  • Instances are not available in completion after move concept refactoring. Fixed. (MPS-27494)
  • Move node refactoring problem. Fixed. (MPS-18166)




You can see the complete list of fixed bugs here. Keep reporting the issues you find to our tracker.


Have a nice day!

Your JetBrains MPS Team

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MPS 2018.1

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