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The first bugfix of MPS 2019.2 is ready!

MPS 2019.2.1 is here and comes with some important fixes. We found some problems with the merge driver and migration scripts. 



Merge Driver 

We advise installing this bug fix and update the merge driver. You can update the merge driver by clicking on the VCS add ons notification.

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Then choose the “Get merge driver and settings” from the dialog. This does 2 things: it updates/creates project settings to point for actual merge driver and updates merge driver itself.



Migration Scripts

This version comes with some fixes for the migration scripts. If you encounter problems in the migrated code from MPS 2019.2, you can revert the problematic changes and invoke ‘Execute Re-Runnable Migrations’.


Not only that, we fixed a long list of bugs. Keep reporting any problems you come across to our issue tracker


Have a nice day!

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