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The MPS 2023.3 EAP Has Started

The first EAP build for the upcoming MPS 2023.3 is out and ready for you to try. Grab it today and take some of the features planned for the upcoming release for a test drive.


Here’s what awaits you in this build:


There’s a new Documentation facet to write and generate documentation for concepts in the structure aspect, which allows you to:

  • Write documentation using a dedicated language
  • Perform a quick preview
  • Generate HTML documentation

New documentation facet use
Read more about this new feature in the Documentation facet documentation page.

New UI for tooltips

We’ve reimplemented the popup message that displays tooltips. It can now show additional information, such as the documentation specified through the new Documentation facet. In the lower right-hand corner, the message offers additional actions, such as the option to open the displayed piece of documentation in the Documentation tool window.
New tooltip popup dialog

Conversion between Concept and Concept Interface

An intention is now available to assist the language designer in quickly and painlessly converting a Concept Declaration into an Interface Concept. This is typically needed in the early stages of development, when the fundamental ideas are yet to be discovered and so the structure of your new language is rather fluid and needs to change frequently.
The intention helps ensure that all of the concept’s aspects, as well as the references from the models, are preserved.

Show History action for modules in Logical View

The popup menu that appears when you right-click on a module in the Logical View tool window now includes an option to show the Git history for that module. It will show the history of all files in the module’s directory as well as its subdirectories.
Show history for module

Group file changes by extension

Uncommited changes can be sorted by the file extension. This can be helpful in some setups to better organize the changes for review.
Group by extension

Numerous bug fixes

On our mission to keep the quality of the MPS codebase high, we’ve fixed a great number of problems along the way. See a full list of all the fixed issues here.

This is only the first EAP release. We will continue adding more useful functionality to MPS 2023.3, so stay tuned!

Your JetBrains MPS team

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