AppCode 2016.1.2 RC

Hi everyone,

Our team continues polishing AppCode 2016.1 release, and today we are glad to announce the availability of AppCode 2016.1.2 RC build.

Issues addressed in this build are:

  • ANSI colors are now supported in Run/Debug console output (OC-12454).
  • Pre-built caches for standard Swift frameworks for Xcode 7.3.1 GM are bundled into this build (thus you could expect “Processing Swift modules” phase to pass significantly quicker for this Xcode version).

Check the full release notes by the link.

As usual, you can download AppCode 2016.1.2 RC from our confluence page, or get it via a patch-update from the previous 2016.1.1 version. Note, that this RC build requires an active AppCode license or is available for 30 day evaluation.

As you can see, it’s not a release yet, and your feedback is more than welcome! Please, submit any issue at all to our tracker.

Your AppCode team
The Drive to Develop

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5 Responses to AppCode 2016.1.2 RC

  1. Fabian says:

    Can we please have a beta update channel setting in AppCode? Switching between 2 apps is not so nice, especially as “open file” will be bound to only one of the two.

  2. Kevin Hallmark says:

    Please fix OC-11493

  3. Christopher Hatton says:

    As a huge fan of JetBrains and your products it’s painful to say that this release is disappointing. Swift 2.2 has been released for over a month and still AppCode does not recognise the ‘associatedtype’ keyword. Given that Swift is (arguably) the primary language for iOS Development now, this counts as broken, basic functionality in my book.
    By far the most important tasks on the roadmap seem to be Syntax inspections (OC-13024)
    and Swift 2.2 support in parser (OC-13365 and subtasks). If these are not addressed in 2016.2 as the blog post of April 15, 2016 suggested they would be, then they should at least be mentioned again in release notes.
    I know you work hard on AppCode JB, but I know a lot of Developers are hanging on these features before they can return from Xcode back to AppCode, let’s not lose them.

    • Stanislav Dombrovsky says:


      Sorry for such situation, I will try to give a detailed explanation. In the April roadmap we’ve mentioned that Swift 2.2 support will be delivered in one of 2016.1 updates. We thought that it will be 2016.1.2. After roadmap publication important security issues were discovered in Intellij Platform, and also in AppCode. We decided to postpone the update with Swift 2.2 until all these issues will be resolved and published the first update for 2016.1 with these security fixes only. Swift 2.2 will be delivered in 2016.1.3 EAP which we plan to start this week and it will contain support for new Swift 2.2 constructions in parser.

      If everything will be ok with these changes and no critical issues will be discovered during the EAP – we plan to publish this update and start 2016.2 EAP. First EAP should contain changes for OC-13024 which will deliver initial support for Swift inspections in editor covering same inspections that are already presented in Xcode for Swift.

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