New AppCode 2017.3 EAP: major resolution improvements

Hi everyone,

New AppCode 2017.3 EAP (build 173.3531.19) is available for download on our site. This build brings the following major improvements for resolve in Swift and mixed Objective-C/Swift code:

  • Correct resolve for initializers of classes written in Objective-C (OC-13087) in Swift code.
  • False “Parameter type mismatch” inspection in the mixed Objective-C/Swift code (OC-14076). This issue affected lots of general cases in the resolution and completion also causing other false inspections in the Objective-C code.
  • Wrong method resolve when a variable in the code has the same name (OC-11986).
  • Fix for exception that led to resolve problems in mixed Swift/Objective-C code (OC-16248)

We encourage everyone who experienced similar issues before to try this build and share feedback with us.

The full release notes are available here.

Your AppCode team
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4 Responses to New AppCode 2017.3 EAP: major resolution improvements

  1. Avatar

    Alex says:

    November 3, 2017

    Great news! Here is a screenshot of the same file with mixed code before the update to the new EAP and after:

    Just upgraded so may have more details later but quickly checking – there are still a couple of issues left in the sample project I’ve made for you guys some time ago:
    Namely, ‘Incompatible pointer types’ and ‘Cannot resolve method’

  2. Avatar

    Alex says:

    November 3, 2017

    There seems to be a regression with these false warnings:
    Parameter type ‘UITableView *’ of overridden method doesn’t match the parameter type (UITableView *) of base method

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