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AppCode 2019.2 is Here With Initial Swift 5.1 Support, Code Coverage for Unit Tests, LLDB Disassembly View, Create From Usage for Enum Cases… and Even More!

Please welcome the release of our second major update this year, AppCode 2019.2! Download AppCode 2019.2

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New AppCode 2019.2 EAP: code coverage for unit tests

Hi, A new AppCode 2019.2 EAP build is here! Code coverage for unit tests Now you can run unit tests with coverage in AppCode. There is no need to change any settings in your scheme – just select the test … Continue reading

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New AppCode 2019.2 EAP: command completion in the debugger console and bug fixes

Hi everyone, A new AppCode 2019.2 EAP build is available on our site. New features in this build: Debugger: LLDB / GDB command completion in console (OC-4061) Swift 5.1: Library Evolution for Stable ABIs (SE-0260) Notable bug fixes: Reveal v23 … Continue reading

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AppCode starts 2019.2 EAP: Swift 5.1, closure folding, LLDB disassembly view and more

Hi everyone, Today we are starting the Early Access Program for AppCode 2019.2, and the first build is already available to download from our site. Download AppCode 2019.2 EAP

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AppCode 3.2 EAP, build 141.2000

Thank you for participating in the AppCode Early Access Program. We’ve started one for AppCode 3.2 recently and have got many useful comments and feedback from you. Today we’d like you to try the next EAP build (sorry, but patch … Continue reading

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Debugging with AppCode – what, where and how

In this post I’d like to cover some of the essentials regarding debugging with AppCode – how to add breakpoints and manage them, step through code, review variables, evaluate expressions and so on. Let’s start with adding some line breakpoints … Continue reading

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