AppCode starts 2019.2 EAP: Swift 5.1, closure folding, LLDB disassembly view and more

Hi everyone,

Today we are starting the Early Access Program for AppCode 2019.2, and the first build is already available to download from our site.


Download AppCode 2019.2 EAP

Swift 5.1

This build adds support for the following Swift 5.1 features:

  • SE-0242: Synthesize default values for the memberwise initializer.
  • SE-0254: Static and class subscripts.
  • SE-0068: Expanding Swift Self to class members and value types.

For the current state of AppCode’s Swift 5.1 support, see this ticket.

Closure folding

Closures in Swift often contain a lot of statements. We’ve implemented code folding for them to make it easier for you to write and read your code:

Closure folding


Have the file name renamed automatically when renaming a class inside a file:



Starting with AppCode 2019.2, Swift keywords are highlighted even before the indexing is finished:


Join Lines

Easily merge variable declaration and initialization using the Join Lines (⌃⇧J) action:

Join Lines

In-place descriptions in the Project View

See the file size and modification date in the Project View using the View | In-place Descriptions action:

In-place descriptions

LLDB disassembly view

When the source code is not available, use Force Step Into (⌥⇧F7) to see the disassembled code (or just select the frame in the Debug tool window):

Disassembly view

Xcode 11 support

This build delivers initial support for Xcode 11. If you encounter any issues, please report them to our tracker.

Bug fixes

The following notable issues are fixed in this build:

  • Do not modify schemes unless they are changed or used explicitly in AppCode (OC-13705)
  • CocoaPods integration does not work with Ruby 2.5+ because of missing rubygems.rb (OC-18632)
  • Inspection reports “File is too complex to perform data-flow analysis” for a simple file (CPP-7364)

Platform changes

All our IntelliJ-based IDEs are now available with the bundled customized JBR11 (the fork of OpenJDK 11 with fixes from the JetBrains team). This transition addresses a whole bunch of issues and should make your experience with our IDEs much more pleasant. Builds with JBR8 are still provided on our site for your convenience.

Also, in the Early Access Program only, we are enabling sending usage statistics by default. This means that we’ll be receiving anonymous data about features and plugins used, configuration, etc. This will not include personal data or any sensitive information, such as source code or file names. The data sent complies with the JetBrains Privacy Policy. You may disable this at any time under Preferences | Appearance & Behavior | System Settings | Data Sharing.

That’s it! See the full list of fixes in our tracker.

Download AppCode 2019.2 EAP

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