Excluded paths in web server configuration

I’m glad to introduce you a long-awaited feature. Now while creating a project from existing files you can exclude some folders from download and further synchronization. You no longer need to download gigs of media , caches, or temporal files to start working with your project. Moreover, you can mark a directory as resource root or exclude it from indexing right in the wizard, without going to Settings | Directories:

Create New Project wizard

Excluding  paths from synchronization is also available for previously created web server configurations. You can do it remotely, right on the host:

Setting excluded paths in Remote Host
Or locally, in Tools | Deployment | Configuration | Excluded Paths tab. Marking a path as excluded blocks any upload or download to or from it and its children, saving your code from accidental changes.

– Develop with pleasure!
The JetBrains PhpStorm Team

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  • http://typo3.org Steffen G.

    Thanks! That’s really an essential feature, which I really missed while waiting for mirroring whole sites!


  • Anton

    This is a huge and waited step forward :) but still not anywhere near to http://www.eclipse.org/tm/ as remote editing still needs to create a project (way too many steps to do that including browsing for ssh key display window won’t display hidden folders like .ssh/) and editing individual files from server is not really possible like it is in almost any popular IDE out there

  • umren

    i can’t wait for 3.0 already.. xD

  • http://www.roquin.nl Bas Brouwers

    Great work! I’m very glad you’ve added this feature, it was my most requested feature and now finally it’s here.
    One thing I noticed however is the slow speed for downloading files, compared to a standard ftp program. Is there something you can do to speed it up?

  • Evgeniy

    Thank you very, it’s very important feature! Tons of nerve cells will be saved.

    • Evgeniy

      very much*

  • http://twitter.com/rafib Rafi B.

    Wish there was a way to exclude single files indexing from Settings | Directories

  • just aguy

    fine, but how can i exclude single files like special configs etc?