PhpStorm 6 EAP build 126.36

New build is ready – this time with some quite visible changes! Check out new

  • Composer project type at File|New Project|Projec Type->Composer
  • PHPUnit tests generation via File|New|PHPUnit… and Navigate|Test actions
  • Controllable Arrangement of class members in PHP at Settings|Code Style|PHP|Arrangement
  • Hierarchical color scheme management via Language Defaults section of Colors & Fonts
  • Up to 3x performance improvements on OOP-heavy code
  • and various Platform/Web improvements

As usual, bear in mind that you are getting a snapshot of work in progress and product will undergo series of technical and cosmetic changes.

Download PhpStorm 6.0 EAP for your platform from project EAP page.
Patch-update NOT available this time.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains Web IDE Team

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  • Christian

    I’m liking the way composer support is implemented.

  • Florin

    The new code arrangement feature is simply awesome!

    Thank you JetBrains/PHPStorm team!

    • Christian Magill

      I’m not sure what the benefit of this is. Ignorance on my part, not a question of value. Can anyone explain?

      • Alexey Gopachenko

        Well, at least that some standards requiring specific order are now much easier to follow.

      • Florin

        Like Alexey said, it’s now easier to follow some standards.

        Also, for anyone who wants to enforce a standard in regards to place of the properties/methods based on the visibility scope. That standard will now be much more easy to follow as you can type the methods/properties wherever you want during the development phase then just hit a button and have the whole code rearranged.

        Plus, the feature itself, is awesome and by that I mean the way it’s designed to be used.

  • Claus Due

    Best PHP IDE by far and it just keeps getting better and better. And faster. Every three months.

    It really is impressive how good the product already was and with the improvements in 6.0… just wow. You guys simply rock :)

  • Kris

    How does 126.36 come after 126.37?

    • Anatooly

      May be different build. .37 – is private, .36 – public version.

    • Andriy Bazanov

      1) Please check the names correctly: 126.37 is WebStorm when 126.36 is PhpStorm.
      2) What if WebStorm build 126.36 had some small not-fixed/forgot-to-change thingy, so they had to make another quick build?

      • ksafonov

        Starting December we’re building WebStorm and PhpStorm independently. As build numbers are incremented with each run there always will be different build numbers for WebStorm and PhpStorm builds.

  • Andrey

    Composer project type at File|New Project|Projec Type->Composer

    Not found =(

    • Andriy Bazanov

      Don’t know — it is there (Empty project; Composer project; HTML5 Boilerplate; Twitter Bootstrap; Foundation)

      • Alexander Makarov

        Not for me.

        • Andriy Bazanov

          Make sure that you have Command Line Tool Support plugin enabled! For whatever reason it is either part of it .. or linked to some functionality in that plugin.

  • Anatooly

    Darcula theme more great.
    In Help – About – dialog box need black background & text-element white)

  • Stanislav Butsenko

    Please, make a normal support JSDoc (PHPDoc) documentation of native object methods and functions. I wrote about it here: WEB-2213 – Not displayed custom jsdoc for some methods .

  • Laurynas

    PhpStorm was a great piece of software, but now it’s just AMAZING! All the JS features you guys adding, fixes you introduce make my every day’s coding life a bliss! The BEST IDE by far!

  • Emmanuel Okorie

    Loving the fact that you edit PO files here… Are there plans for a plugin that case take care of any translation work, specifically converting PO files from on language to another?

    Superb IDE nevertheless…

    • Alexey Gopachenko

      No such plans.

  • EugeneOZ

    New type of autocomplete is really ANNOYING.

  • Tmose

    When indexing larger projects with the latest build 126.36 the editor will hang and eventually indicate it ran out of memory and required 880m even though editor has been set up for 1024m. This did not occur in a previous release and went back to 5.0 and problem does not occur anymore. Also was working in previous eap build.

  • dex

    Any chance those performance improvements will make it’s way into IntelliJ’s 12 PHP plugin?

  • Karlis

    I had the same issue on one project as Tmose’s, indexing just crashed after half yob was done, and I even tried to allocate 2GB of memory to it and it took all of it and crashed as well. Thankfully I had fifth version somewhere :)

    • Daniel

      Same problem, since the last update crashes the indexing of my project. allocated 1gb xms, same problem. after ignoring, phpstorm is soooooo slow, omg.

      • nurikabe

        Same here.

    • Andriy Bazanov

      Please disable LESS plugin. New build with fix will be available in next 1-2 days.

      • Saul

        Thanks, worked like a charm. This issue was driving me crazy!

  • Marko

    If using Darcula theme, “Mark modified tabs with asterisk” – that asterisk on the tab is just too dark. One can barely see it.

  • Dmitry

    BUG: PhpStorm 6 EAP build 126.36 CRASHES during indexing my project…

  • Eugene

    Any news regarding release of PhpStorm 6.0(or what number will come after 5.0.4)?

  • Greg


    How exactly can I rearrange order of keywords ? I want to change from
    field public static
    field static public
    I tried dragging, disabling and enabling in different order etc. I’m missing something.

    ps 126.162
    jdk 1.7.0_11
    Linux Mint cinamon.