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Episode 5 – What’s Coming in PhpStorm 2020.1 – EAP Video Series

In this episode of the What’s coming in 2020.1 series, we take a look at new inspections, such as finding redundant ternary expressions and redundant pass-by-ref occurrences. We also discuss an addition for composer.json to support references for scripts and, … Continue reading

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PhpStorm 2020.1 EAP #5

The fifth build of the PhpStorm 2020.1 Early Access Program is available! In this blog post, you can read about the Bundled Grazie spell checker, updates for сomposer.json support, new inspections for PHP, and styling of @deprecated elements in Structure … Continue reading

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PhpStorm 2019.2 EAP #4

The EAP for the upcoming PhpStorm 2019.2 is in full swing and today we have build number 4 for you to try out. Here are some of the goodies you’ll find inside: Run Composer via any remote PHP interpreter. Syntax … Continue reading

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PhpStorm 2019.1.2 is released

PhpStorm 2019.1.2 build 191.7141.52 is now available! In this second minor update for the PhpStorm 2019.1 we are happy to bring you support for Composer via Docker. This release also contains a Blade templates debugging fix, and a bunch of … Continue reading

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PhpStorm 2019.1.2 Preview 191.7141.35

We’re close to releasing PhpStorm 2019.1.2, the second minor update for PhpStorm 2019.1, and today we have another preview build for you. Please give PhpStorm 2019.1.2 Preview build 191.7141.35 a try and share your feedback with us. This update brings … Continue reading

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Autodetecting Test Frameworks

PhpStorm supports PHPUnit, Codeception, Behat, and PHPSpec test frameworks out of the box. Previously, to enable integration with them, you needed to perform two steps. First, you had to set up a configuration telling PhpStorm where the corresponding library was … Continue reading

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PHP CS Fixer Support

PhpStorm already supports the popular code quality checking tools, PHPCS and PHPMD, which help you follow industry coding style standards (such as PSR-2), framework-specific standards, or your own team standards. Checking for standards compliance is great, but fixing issues by … Continue reading

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Composer Log

Composer is an indispensable tool; it has been integrated with PhpStorm since version 6. Prior to version 2017.3, however, the messages from the Composer actions were shown in the Event Log together with all the other messages. When there were … Continue reading

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New Composer Update in PhpStorm 2017.2

Composer is the cornerstone of modern PHP development, and we’ve made some improvements in PhpStorm 2017.2 to help you work with Composer from within the IDE.

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Configuring With Composer in PhpStorm 2017.2

Configuring PhpStorm correctly is important to get the most out of your IDE, and PhpStorm 2017.2 has made it easier by allowing you to detect some of the settings from your composer.json file.

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