PhpStorm 6 EAP build 126.162

On PHP side we still focused on stability and bugfixes, with an important addition – ability to use PHPUnit provided in .phar or via composer dependency.

And the Web team supplied a ton of new features: HTML Structure view, Emmet, File Watchers, etc.

All of these is immediately available for download and via autoupdate.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains Web IDE Team

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44 Responses to PhpStorm 6 EAP build 126.162

  1. Nazar says:

    Auto update build version is 192 and can’t update itself, just redirects to EAP page, probably, this is misprint in build number.

  2. Henry Garcia says:

    Nice updated. But still no file watcher support on PHPStorm. Any idea on when this will be included?

    • ksafonov says:

      We plan to publish it as a plugin in a few weeks as we get a bit more feedback on the usage. For now you can download zip version of a WebStorm, unzip and then use “Install plugin from disk” option. Sorry for inconvenience.

      • Andrew says:

        Then why have you announced it in this version if it is not here?

      • Andrew says:

        File watch plugin needs more flexibility.
        1. I don’t need it to call external command every single character I type. Do it on ‘save’
        2. Allow option to watch ALL files, but to compile SOME. Now only way of doing this is external commands.

        For example twitter bootstrap sources have ton of LESS files, all should be watched, but only one css should be generated.

        • Fedor Korotkov says:

          Hi Andrew!

          1) IntelliJ platform automatically synchronized in-memory content of a file which is used while editing to an actual psychical file on disk. So you don’t actual have a ‘save’ action. For your purposes you can use External Tool and call it manually.

          2) You can manage it by creating your own scope and setting it up for a file watcher.

          With your example you can use ‘Track only root files’ option of LESS watcher(Settings -> File Watcher -> LESS -> check ‘Track only root files’).

  3. Strange. PhpStorm says the last version is 126.192, but there is no patch file (PS-126.92-126.192-patch-unix.jar).

  4. Thanks for the update! Anyhow, it is generating an error at the moment.

    Please investigate the issue accordingly. Thanks!

  5. I just got the 126.192 update as well…

    I would love to have a path for xdebug.file_link_format to open PHP files in PHP Storm.

  6. Marko says:

    If using Darcula theme, “Mark modified tabs with asterisk” – that asterisk on the modified tab is just too dark (dark blue). One can barely see it. Still not fixed.

    But good work, guys!

  7. Steve says:

    Think someone made a typo in the check-for-update data, as the IDE reports 126.192 is the latest available build. Everything points to build 162 :)

  8. Alexey Gopachenko says:

    Sorry, updates fixed.

    Also, here is File Watchers temporary link for everybody willing to test. UPD: Please use plugin from the repository.

    Please give it at least 25 minutes for CDN to get in sync.

  9. Ex FromTheLeft (@ExFromTheLeft) says:

    so many features are added with every EAP build, i can’t keep up… is it too much to ask for the user guide to be updated or to have videos added to jetbrainsTV for certain important features like the new PHPUnit functionality or many other important functionalities 😉

    good wok by the way

  10. This is not a good build. Throws a lot of “AssertionError: $IntellijIdeaRulezzz: $IntellijIdeaRulezzz”. I have submitted it via internal reporting tool. Dont now if you guys receive them.

  11. John says:

    Ok, so how do I get LESS compiling to work in Windows? The screencast doesn’t tell me how to get and install the lessc “executable” which I apparently need?

      • John says:

        That does only explain how to install it on Linux? Perhaps you mean ?

        I must say, I am getting increasingly dissapointed by every new version of phpStorm. It is turning less and less into an IDE (with the emphasis on Integrated) and more into a fancy text-editor which can handle external tools. Simply installing (or even updating) the program and initializing a project is becoming a time-consuming task. Not to mention the fact that I need to install all these external programs to make use of certain functionality (like PEAR for phpBeautifier and lessc-script for compiling, etc.) Not only that, but setting and changing options is far from immediate or inuitive and requires one to go into settings which could just as easily have been implemented as a checkbox or equivalent on the main screen.

      • kris says:

        Try Simpless. I have used it from a long time. it’s take care of all cS s without any issue.

  12. Bryan Green says:

    Nice Release.

    Only issue is the field autocompletion/suggestion is annoying.

    What about having the suggestion or matched arguments appear above or below the cursor and not inline?

  13. Eugene says:

    I hope, that Darcula theme will be edited till next EAP. All in all, theme is great. Colors great, but when I place caret at some variable or method the only highlight I see is marks on scrollbar to the right. As I recall in 5.0.4 in normal theme it did add a pinkish background, or gray. Can’t recall for sure. But at least it was visible. Can’t say same about current state of Darcula theme.

  14. Jonathan Chan says:

    Is there a way to disable horizontal scrolling? I can’t find anything relevant for “scroll” or “horizontal” in the Settings.

    • Jonathan Chan says:

      Additionally, is there any way to refactor a class into a new namespace?

    • Vladimir says:

      “Use soft wraps”

    • Dean Reilly says:

      Is there anyway to disable switching between tabs when scrolling horizontally? I use a trackpoint and I find it hard to scroll in a perfectly vertical direction so I end up accidentally switching to another tab.

      • Michael de Wit says:

        I have exactly the same problem.
        Thank you for figuring out it’s the horizontal scroll that’s causing tab changes!

        I ended up disabling horizontal scrolling, but obviously this is far from an optimal solution…

  15. I have the version of PhpStorm 5.0.4, try upgrading to the latest version and tells me I have the latest version. In the Update screen option change to “Early Acess Program”, however I keep saying that I have the latest version.

    How I can upgrade to version “PhpStorm EAP build 126 162 6” from the IDE is not possible?

    Ubuntu 12.04

    Thank you.

  16. Alex says:

    How to use/configure file watchers? didn’t find it nor in menu, nor in docs.

  17. Cristi says:

    Is there a way to keep the old icons (menu elements, folder, files …) ?
    I really like better the old ones, I suppose is an easy import / library fix, just asking

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