PhpStorm 6.0 released: composer, code (re)arranger, new refactorings, REST Client, Darcula & more

PhpStorm 6.0, the new major release of our professional PHP IDE, is now available for download!

With this release, we invite all PHP developers to redefine their productivity and adopt the best technologies available today to quickly produce neat and well-tested code.

The key features of PhpStorm 6 include:

  • Composer dependency manager for PHP support
  • Code (re)arranger – control the structure of your existing and generated code
  • New refactorings: Change Signature, Pull Up/Push Down class members, and Move Class
  • Smarter namespace handling – Auto-import, Optimize Imports and more
  • Fully customisable templates, including PHPDoc
  • More code inspections, smarter code completion, and better runtime error prevention
  • New database schema editor and change tracking tools

PhpStorm 6 also provides a brand new web toolkit:

  • Built-in REST Client to test RESTful web services right from the IDE
  • File Watchers – for easy Sass, LESS, SCSS, CoffeeScript, TypeScript transpilation
  • Full-featured debugging of TypeScript, Dart or CoffeeScript with source maps
  • Refined handling of JS libraries, including minified versions detection
  • Re-worked HTML structure view with support for HTML5
  • Emmet abbreviations support for faster HTML & CSS coding

And last but not least, PhpStorm 6 features a fresh IDE look and feel, Retina-ready icons, and Darcula, a new native dark UI theme for the IDE and the editor.

This version also includes an open API exposing our PHP support to 3rd party plugins. We are already seeing powerful plugins that provide sophisticated features for various popular frameworks emerging and encouraging our community to create the best experience together. Stay tuned for more information on this in the next weeks.

Read more about these and other new features on the PhpStorm website and download a 30-day trial for your platform.

PhpStorm 6.0 is a free update for you if you purchased your license after Mar 12, 2012.

Develop smarter, not harder, with PhpStorm 6!
– JetBrains PhpStorm Team

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