Creating PHPUnit Tests in PhpStorm

Starting with PhpStorm 6.0, PHPUnit Skeleton Generator is no longer available in the IDE.

PHPUnit tests creation functionality has been completely re-worked so that PhpStorm generates tests itself and you can benefit from its flexibility and code insight. The IDE already knows a lot about your code and your project and uses this information for effective code generation.

Check out this tutorial on PHPUnit Tests Creation with PhpStorm at our Tutorial Space…

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  • Tom Maaswinkel

    The link provided doesn’t work. Change ‘with’ to ‘in’ in the url 😉

    • Mikhail Vink

      Sorry, the issue has been fixed some time ago. Works now – checked. Thank you! :)

  • Eugene

    As I assume IDE still doesn’t work with remote machine from local through some sort of request/response.

    In plain language – what use one would have from such functionality if one works on host machine where there is no PHP and the webserver is on guest system, that is running on VMWare Workstation with Ubuntu 12.04?

  • Marcelo

    It’s nice that the new method of creating phpunit tests is more in the phpstorm spirit
    but till it will be fully developed I am missing some important features I had when phpstorm was working phpunit skeleton generator ie create a test for an existing method
    too bad…