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PhpStorm 8 Public Preview

phpstorm_8_public_previewWe are glad to announce a Public Preview of the upcoming major release of PhpStorm 8.

PhpStorm 8 Public Preview build 138.1901 is available, bringing a lot of interesting features and major improvements.

If you already use our EAP builds, download the latest build and be sure to report all the bugs in the issue tracker.

And if you are still using our stable PhpStorm 7 version, here is a summary of improvements and new features we are delivering in the upcoming PhpStorm 8 release which is planned to be out in September 2014:

  • PHP Language Support: Completely re-worked language injections into PHP literals; PHP 5.6 full support; Source & Test directories for PHP; New intentions and inspections, formatting, type inference, and other major improvements including type inference based on return type of ArrayAccess/Iterator, Markdown support in PHPDoc blocks, and understanding of uniform multi-level arrays.
  • Frameworks: Blade template engine support; WordPress support; Drupal 8 support
  • Behat support
  • PHP remote interpreters support
  • Debugging & testing improvements

See the full list of PHP-related issues fixed in our issue tracker and release notes from the previous EAP build.

PhpStorm 8 also brings support for some of the most trending web technologies:

  • Advanced AngularJS support
  • Spy-js, a JavaScript and Node.js tracing tool
  • Integration with Grunt, a JavaScript task runner
  • PhoneGap/Cordova integration
  • Integration with Bower, a package manager for the web, gulp.js, new Live Console in JavaScript and Node.js debugger, support for CucumberJS test framework, Live Edit workflow enhancements, Live Edit for Node.js, Postfix templates for JavaScript, improvements in the support of JavaScript modules: RequireJS, AMD and EcmaScript 6 Harmony modules, up-to-date support for LESS 1.7, Sass 3.4, Stylus 0.39, and much more.

From the IntelliJ Platform side, this release includes:

  • Multiple Carets and Selections
  • Working with a single file without creating a project
  • EditorConfig support
  • Bundled Scratch plugin to quickly open temporary text editor tab
  • The new Code cleanup action
  • Improved Find in path action
  • Copy/paste selected code as HTML/RTF is now available without additional plugins
  • Excluded folders are now visible in Project View and can be added to VCS (but batch operations such as refactorings, navigation, find usages, etc. do not affect these folders).

PhpStorm 8 brings even more emerging technologies to help you enjoy web development, with deepest-ever code understanding and advanced support for remote environments.

Check out an overview of all PhpStorm 8 features and download the build from PhpStorm website. Patch-update will be available within an hour from the previous EAP build (PhpStorm 8 EAP 138.1751).

If you have any feedback, please share it in the forum, blog post, or issue tracker as the PhpStorm 8 release is just around the corner!

Develop with pleasure!
– JetBrains PhpStorm Team

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