JetBrains & Zend technology partnership brings integration between PhpStorm and Zend Server

zend_server_phpstorm_logoToday we are glad to announce that Zend and JetBrains team up to integrate PhpStorm and Zend Server, bringing in-context visibility and insight to developers with the help of both tools.

Zend Server is an integrated platform for mobile and web apps, helping in all phases of the application life cycle. What is new in Zend Server 7 is the expanded support for developers. Zend Server 7 includes the all-new Z-Ray, which gives unprecedented, in-context visibility inside apps, by showing in real time exactly what happens to construct each page. It helps developers write better code, detect and fix issues earlier, and collaborate with operations staff to resolve production problems faster.

Zend Server now seamlessly integrates with PhpStorm IDE, providing advanced features for debugging and profiling web applications.


In the full tutorial on Using PhpStorm with Zend Server we look into how to configure integration and proceed with debugging, profiling or deploying your code, or using many built-in tools with PhpStorm while Zend Server takes care of your PHP environment.

“Quality software delivered quickly across many types of devices is a prerequisite for innovation,” said Guy Harpaz, Senior Director of Product Management, Zend. “At the heart of quality software is quality code. Zend Server Z-Ray’s integration with PhpStorm empowers both PhpStorm and Zend Server users to address code-related errors early, making application development more efficient across the board. Both businesses and consumers will reap the rewards of this elevated ‘quality control.’”

“We are very excited to add new capabilities to PhpStorm that bring productivity gains for our users,” said Alexey Gopachenko, JetBrains PhpStorm Product Manager. “The integration with Zend Server, and specifically Z-Ray, provides an unprecedented level of visibility that allows developers to see how their code is running as they develop it. This ‘X-Ray’ insight puts the developer in control, translating into higher-quality code produced faster. The combination of Zend Server Z-Ray and PhpStorm is a true win-win throughout the development cycle for both developers and managers, especially for enterprise-oriented projects.”

For more information on Zend Server, check out Zend website.

Zend Server Developer Edition is available starting at $195, with a 30-day trial available on both standalone and AWS-run editions. For a limited time, PhpStorm users can save 20% off the regular price with coupon code PHPSTORM in the shop.

Make sure to sign up for the webinar demonstrating the integration, scheduled for September 23rd.

Develop with pleasure using PhpStorm and Zend Server!
-JetBrains PhpStorm and Zend Teams

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  • Oğuz Çelikdemir


    I saw a configuration option in PhpStorm documentation which is as follow:
    “If there is a direct link between Zend Server & PhpStorm and no firewall is configured.”

    I am using VMware VM for development purpose which is installed Ubuntu linux and Zend Server. There is no firewall and Windows is a host machine.

    How can I configure direct link based on this configuration?

    • Mikhail Vink

      In fact, if all the ports are open and visible from the network (on both machines – IDE is translating settings for debugger, and debugger should be able to read them, and vice versa), you should be available to easily establish the connection as described in this tutorial on the step 2 (in your case you can omit 2.0 – tunnel config) without any additional configuration. Probably “allowing” IP address in Zend Server will be needed, depends on your network config.