PhpStorm 8 released: Blade, Behat, WordPress, Remote PHP interpreters, multiple carets/selections, and more

ps8_blogPhpStorm 8, the new major release of our professional PHP IDE, is now available for download!

Read all about the new features and improvements on the PhpStorm website.

This release champions the needs of developers working with proven and emerging web technologies, for both front and backend development.

The key PhpStorm 8 enhancements and additions include:

This release also inherits all of the great improvements made in the underlying IntelliJ Platform including: multiple carets and selections, working with a single file without creating a project, bundled Scratch plugin, EditorConfig support, and more.

These awesome new features and many more are covered in detail on the PhpStorm website, where you can also download a free 30-day trial for your platform.

PhpStorm 8 is available as a free update if you purchased your license after September 16, 2013!

We invite you to join our upcoming webinar, What’s New in PhpStorm 8: Evolving with You, featuring Maarten Balliauw, Tuesday, October 7th.

Develop with PhpStorm 8, the PHP IDE that evolves with you!
– JetBrains PhpStorm Team

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  • Nazar Mokrynskyi

    > Full support for PHP 5.6
    Great, but still not full support for 5.4, there are bugs with traits in issue tracker.

    • evan

      I’ll just leave this here
      Build #PS-138.2000, built on september 10,2014

      trait C {
      protected function visible ( ){}
      private function notVisible ( ){}

      class A {
      use C;

      class B {
      use C;
      public function visibleTest (){
      $a = new A;
      - getData() appear in auto-complete when typing $a->
      - no inspection error
      - notVisible() not appear in auto-complete when typing $this->
      - no inspection error

      $b = new B;
      /* Fatal error: Call to protected method A::visible() from context 'B' */

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  • yehosef

    Is it a mistake that on the download page it lists the release version as 138.2000 but the last EAP was 138.2071?

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      No, it’s not a mistake. We adjusted our build number a bit for internal purpose.

      • Elijah Lynn

        When checking for updates it says there are none available, I am assuming because the release version is lower than the latest EAP?

        • Mikhail Vink

          Should be there, in fact.. Could you please check update channel in Settings | System Settings | Updates?

          • Elijah Lynn

            I had the update channel set to EAP and also changed it to major releases but still no updates.

            I’m still on 138.2071.

  • Michael

    Congratulations on the release! This is a major step for this product!
    A short question: the last EAP from Sept. 5, was 138.2071, and the released version, compiled on Sept. 15, 138.2000.
    Is this correct? If yes, which features or bug fixes from 138.2071 didn’t make into the official release?
    Just checking….

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      This is correct. We adjusted our build number a bit for internal purpose. Bug fixes of 2071 was included in the release version.

  • Sascha Seewald

    The sweetens the week after Monday :D. thx JetBrains

    • Sascha Seewald

      That ;= …

  • Carsten Decker

    Finally :)

    For anyone else getting the notice about incompatible NodeJS plugin – upadating it might not work – uninstalling and installing it again resolved it for me.


  • Carsten Decker

    Hopefully Julien will find time to update Markdown ( plugin soon. I really miss it.

    @JetBrains: Why not make it official? 😀

  • Janek

    After update from previous version I don’t see local history of my projects! Is there a way to fix it?

  • Carsten Decker

    May I spam another comment? 😀

    I want to say that I love you. It was love on first sight. And it is a long lasting love.

    PhpStorm really changed my life as a developer. I can not count the moments where I was sitting in front of my computer and was just smiling just because of your product. Sometimes I actually speak with myself and have to say “Is this awesome!”. I can’t even imagine working with something else than this very IDE anymore.

    Though I have criticized you several times in the last years, please don’t forget it has always been critic on a very high level. As you raise the bar I naturally raise my expectations. Stick at it, continue your efforts – you are doing a great job.

    Thank you!

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      Carsten, thank you very much for such kind words! We really appreciate your suggestions, reports and critics!

  • ding

    When I enter the echo, why would automatically join ()

  • Stefan

    Are the new features (esp. WordPress support) also available as plugins for IntelliJ IDEA13 or will they be soon? Since I’m developing in Java, Ruby, node.js and PHP (depending on the customer) I’d rather choose to purchase the “full” product since my license for PHPStorm 7 expired by end of August this year.

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      Unfortunately, new plugins will be available only for version 14.

  • Kain

    I keep getting a “Connection Failed” when checking for updates, but my connection is fine and I’m not using any firewalls.

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      Probably there is a problem with our update server. In any case there is no patch for the major version so please download a full version.

  • Garrett

    Appreciate the update! My current complaint though is I’ve lost a bunch of ‘intellisense’ abilities. PHPStorm 7.1 didn’t have any issues figuring out where my classes were. But now after installign PHPStorm 8 I can’t ‘jump-to’ my classes and predictive text isn’t working for most/many of my method either. What gives?

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      Please try File->Invalidate Caches.

  • Luke

    In 138.2071 ver I have 100% cpu usage while wrinting code – I didn’t have that problem with previous versions. What’s the problem?

  • Michiel Thalen

    How would i disable break on first line on zend server (z-ray)? It seems i cant see it in z-ray nor in phpstorm.

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  • EJ

    So much support for javascript frameworks, but what about PHP ones, especially Zend Framework?