PhpStorm 8.0.3 bug fix update is available

PhpStorm 8.0.3 build 139.1348 is available for download.

This update is focused on various bug fixes and improvements from the PHP, web & IntelliJ platform sides.

Read full PhpStorm 8.0.3 release notes >>

Download PhpStorm 8.0.3 build 139.1348 for your platform and please report any bugs or feature request to our Issue Tracker.

Patch-update from the previous release version (PhpStorm 8.0.2) will be available in an hour.

There is also a new distribution package targeting Mac OS X Yosemite users experiencing graphical glitches with Apple JDK. It features custom build of latest JDK 1.8 with fixes by JetBrains team. It saves you hassle of juggling JDK versions and editing .plist files. Work on custom JDK for OS X is still in progress – please report problems to the issue tracker. Note that non-native-looking font rendering is not a bug.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains PhpStorm Team

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  • Jens

    I can’t find any download link to the new EAP 139.1348 – is this release pulled?

    • Mikhail.Vink

      It’s not EAP, it’s a stable update. Please download it from the web site at (this link is mentioned on the EAP page as well now). Thank you!

      • Jens

        Hmm after a second look I can see the right build number but the version number is 8.0.2 – should be 8.0.3, shouldn’t it?

        • Maxim Kolmakov

          Sorry about that. It’s a caching issue on our side. The link leads to the right distributive as it should.

  • Łukasz Piernikarczyk

    I’ve got conflicts with files:





    Recommended are Action: Update, Problem: Absent, solution:ignore

    Can I update to 8.0.3?

    • krompir

      I have the same conflicts. Did you find a solution?

      • Łukasz Piernikarczyk


        • Łukasz Piernikarczyk

          Can anybody help??

          • Maxim Kolmakov

            Please install the new version from scratch.

          • Łukasz Piernikarczyk

            Works – thanks

      • Maxim Kolmakov

        Please install the new version from scratch. Probably there is some issue with 8.0.2 installation.

  • gregholland

    I’ve tried downloading three times but keep getting 139.1226. Not sure if there is a caching issue somewhere?

  • asimzeeshan

    I click UPDATE AND RESTART to upgrade to 8.0.3, it downloads file and restart but then prompts me that an update “8.0.3” is available.

    Did this 3 times, rebooted system and even then its coming up. Advise?

  • wiesson

    Any news regarding the support of laravel 5 and the changes of the blade template engine?

    Blade Tag Changes

    For better security by default, Laravel 5.0 escapes all output from both the {{ }} and {{{ }}} Blade directives. A new {!! !!} directive has been introduced to display raw, unescaped output. The most secure option when upgrading your application is to only use the new {!! !!} directive when you are certain that it is safe to display raw output.

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      This should be already supported. Please adjust settings in “Settings->PHP->Blade”.

  • skray

    I downloaded the “new distribution package”, and while the glitches are gone, there is a serious problem with font rendering. Everything has jagged edges. For example, the logo in the about screen used to have smooth edges but now they are all jagged after updating:

  • Wemerson Januario

    Can’t install It. NSIS Erros Checksum. Installer integrity check has failed. Download 3 times and same error. How to solve this and upgrade from 8.0.2 in Windows 8.1. Thanks

  • Alan

    Still no fix on the ‘Connection to ” failed.
    Invalid descendent file name “/”.’ error? I have always loved phpStorm but not being able to upload files is a killer for me and I was hoping it would be fixed before I’m forced to switch to another program :(

  • Cysioland

    Any reason why we need to log in to access the changelog?

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      Release notes and issues are available without authentication.

  • Leon

    Just a little feedback on PhpStorm-8.0.3-custom-jdk-bundled.dmg

    On OS X 10.10.2 it seems to slow down my whole desktop experience. In PhpStorm things seems sluggish with lag for some operations.

  • 23tony

    Not via the link provided. When I click on “Read full PhpStorm 8.0.3 release notes >>” it takes me to a login page. Where can we get the changelog WITHOUT logging in?

  • Boban

    Mismatched query and update of collection is broken in 8.0.3.

    this code:

    var MyClass = function() {
    * @type {string[]}
    var arr = [];

    this.func = function() {
    for (var i = 0; i < arr.length; i++)
    if (arr[i] == "")
    return true;
    return false;

    says that arr is queried but never updated, in spite of 3 push() calls. If I remove the @type annotation above var arr[] then inspection detects nothing. But in that case it also detects nothing if I remove all the push() calls

  • omar

    Downloaded linux PhpStorm file (version 8.0.3 and build 139.1348) and size is 283 Mb and not 123 Mb as stated in the download page. sha256sum failed too.