Meet PhpStorm 9 Development Roadmap

Today we are happy to share a development roadmap for PhpStorm 9, and we are looking forward to get feedback!

Please note that this public roadmap is not a final list of features that you’ll see in PhpStorm 9. It’s quite flexible and there might be changes at any time. Furthermore, all the improvements to various existing features are not included into roadmap.

The highlights of the roadmap include:

  • Editing Experience
    • Advanced PHP type inference – better problem detection & code completion
    • Live debugging data overlay directly in editor
    • Postfix code Completion for PHP
    • Inline mode for rename refactoring
    • Introduce parameter refactoring
    • Structural Search & Replace scenarios for PHP – basically an ability to easily define custom inspection rules
    • Various formatting and PHPDoc-related features
  • Tools & Environment
    • Easy use of “remote” tools (SSH or VM-hosted) – e.g. PHP Code Sniffer, PHP Mess Detector
    • Docker integration: image/container management and deployment tools
  • Platform Features
    • Easy Inspection scopes setup
    • HiDPI support for Windows/Linux
    • A brand-new distraction-free mode, see View | Enter Distraction Free Mode
    • New version control log viewer, time-color-coding for Annotate view
    • Adding multiple selections with the mouse

We are also experimenting on:

  • Hack language support
  • Even easier PHP debugging setup and problem detection
  • Zend Framework 2 support
  • Plugin & new features discoverability
  • Better automated bug reporting – to reduce Support roundtrips

The roadmap is preliminary and will be revised during the upcoming months. The updated development roadmap is always available here.

PhpStorm 9 release is currently planned for Q2 2015. Our PhpStorm Early Access Program will start in a few days.

As usual, PhpStorm 9 will include all the features and changes from IntelliJ platform and web part. We’ll also invest a significant amount of time and efforts in performance and fixing bugs in all subsystems.

We’ll be happy to hear your comments, ideas and suggestions here or on our issue tracker, where you can vote for issues or submit a feature request.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains PhpStorm Team

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  • Jason Lotito

    So much awesome stuff, and then this: “Hack language support”! Yay!

  • Josh Taylor

    More debugging is exciting. Docker looks great, not sure how much use I will have for that.

  • Joey

    I would prefer direct laravel support instead of Zend 2

    • da_bear

      +1 for laravel. Who uses Zend anyway?

      • macnibblet

        Enterprise, script kiddies can continue to use laravel :)

        • da_bear

          Enterprise software that uses PHP? :)

          • Ted Wood

            PHP isn’t given enough credit. When used properly (!well-designed code base), it can be a very powerful language.

          • macnibblet

            I fully agree, i don’t really see the problem, no language is perfect.

          • Guest

            We use it, e.g.

          • Hugo Simon

            We use it, e.g. we replace the whole it-software: website, intranet, reporting tools, crm, billing toc from different vendors by Zend 2 :-)

          • Shehi

            Oh boy! Don’t get me started. I bet you don’t even know what Scala or NodeJS is, them being something new, you being full-of-cliches. I am sure devs like you love developing everything in one language and calling it a day. Sourceforge and Github are littered with such out-dated, ton-weighing pieces of code.

        • Jordan

          ZF reminds me of custom Java applications… convoluted, inscrutable, incorrectly organized, based on flawed design patterns, and designed to force developers to do more work than they should.

          Is Laravel much better? Meh. It’s also based on flawed patterns (dear God, all those Fascades), but at least it doesn’t ALSO increase development time.

    • Bilge

      Laravel is the cancer of PHP. Please stop spreading the infection.

      • Catalin Banu

        Any arguments? The whole library (orm,etc) or just templating & mvc structure?

        • Tomasz Kowalczyk

          If you use Laravel without facades, you’re basically using Symfony2 and facades are no more than Singleton “shortcuts” for its services. Taylor made a nice tool for people who build one-off projects fast, but for bigger projects that need to be maintained for years it’s a disaster if wrintten using Laravel’s “best practices”.

        • Bilge

          Anything with Otwell’s name on it.

      • Shehi

        Provide viable arguments or stop spewing nonsense please. Life is already full of stupid tensions and problems.

        • Tomasz Kowalczyk

          Laravel “recommended” way of doing things violates loads of software engineering principles. Singleton “facades” only upside is that they are relatively “easy to use”, but technical debt introduced from such shortcuts is hard to even estimate. I know it’s a nice tool for people building one-off projects, but really, do yourself a favor and think about software quality, not only development speed.

          • SnowMan

            Laravel facades are not singletons. An object is instantiated in the background when you call a facade method. Besides, with constructor/method dependency injection, it usually takes about 0 effort to not use a facade and use the underlying service class directly.

          • Tomasz Kowalczyk

            …and from that on this single object is called throughout request lifecycle and that object is not interchangeable, which effectively makes it a Singleton even if it’s not a reference implementation.

            I know that you *can* write good code with Laravel, but still project docs and even BDFL does not care and advocates otherwise. It’s a disservice to the whole industry because many newcomers stumble upon it and then have a hard time to learn good practices and make quality software because they were taught those “facades” from day one.

    • Mikhail.Vink

      Have you tried community plugin for Laravel? ( If yes, what are the features you are missing there? There is also a tutorial at

      • Shehi

        Its for Laravel 4. Doesn’t work properly in v.5. Outdated and forgotten I bet, like 99% of free software.

  • aiphee

    CakePHP support would be lovely, there is a plugin which works only on v 2x and does not do much.

  • Łukasz Piernikarczyk

    I have one suggestion.
    When using bower there is list of installed components.
    In that list are columns: package, version, latest.
    I’d like to see one extra – homepage with active link.
    When new version is available I want to see the changelog to check if I can update without problem. Now I have to look in google for that component. It would be useful to simply click the link.

    • Ekaterina Prigara

      Good idea. Would be really great if you report that on our issue tracker:
      With the current implementation you can click that blue arrow and then see a link to the component homepage in the package info provided.

  • swhitlow

    I would have really liked to have seen a specific focus on speed. PHPStorm just needs to be faster period.

    • Will Vincent

      It may not be as fast as, say, Sublime.. but it also _does_ a lot more than such things. Also it does seem to be quite a bit more speedy than things like Netbeans, Eclipse, and Komodo. Then again, I’ve not run any of those in years. But phpStorm is plenty fast on modern hardware from what I’ve seen.

      • swhitlow

        I agree. It is speedier than Netbeans, etc. and I know that it will never be as fast as something like Sublime (they are just two different tools). But, I think it should always be something they strive for. Speeding up startup time, lessoning the delay when typing and showing code hints, etc.

        More new features usually means focus elsewhere. Which is great. But, faster start up times and reducing memory usage should be top priority in my opinion.

    • disqus_uai8dIVPTS

      If only they made a native Mac version, I’d like to get rid of java off my Mac

      • swhitlow

        That would make me throw away all other editors permanently. PhpStore would easily become the best one out there hands down.

    • mein_arsch

      I agree… ever since V8 came out it has been a lot slower for then it was before. When opening a PHP or Javascript files it sometimes takes literally up to 30 seconds until the inspections analysis is through.

      It’s very frustrating when you fix a bug the IDE shows you and the IDE takes forever to notice that the bug is gone.

    • Ollisso

      +1 for speed up. Sometimes I just have to go and wait for couple of minutes when PHPStorm does something :/

  • Jordan

    I really, really, REALLY hope that Hack support makes it in. This makes it sound like it might not. Which is absurd considering that Facebook has offered several developers time and expertise to help, and that Hack has been well documented, and the process for including support for it has been well documented, for over a year.

    So… I don’t know. I bought a license for myself and bought a license for every developer that works for me on the premise that Hack support was coming as promised in YouTrack.

    Please tell me this isn’t your first step to completely backing out of Hack support.

    • Mikhail.Vink

      We don’t have any intentions to back out support for Hack in this release. Our position is stated in YouTrack – the support is in progress and we are definitely putting a lot of effort to make it happen in PhpStorm 9.

      We can’t guarantee any specific date (yet, until we have a working prototype), but I can assure you – we are very much into this task.

  • BlueMan

    50% sale for new PhpStorm 9 !! :) Hope so!

  • gcw07

    +1 for ZF2 support.

    • Bilge

      ZF3 is slated for Q3.

      • Mikhail.Vink

        As far as we are concerned, ZF3 will be much more IDE-friendly, but we are looking into it. No estimates on ZF3 support though.

  • macnibblet

    If any help is required for the zf2 integration don’t hesitate to contact !

    • Mikhail.Vink

      Sure, thanks! We’r already in touch with Gary.

  • Milos

    The usage of remote tools could be cross-ported to Webstorm for usage with Node.js in a Vagrant box, since I haven’t found a way to do that yet :(

  • ianbytchek

    Happy to see so many useful things on the list. Yeah, Zend 2 support, aren’t people who use Zend are old and retired already? :)

    • Hugo Simon

      Zend 2 has a better code qualitiy (clean code) as Symfony. I check both and decided for Zend 2.

      • Simon

        I have never really looked into Zend2, is it actually any better than Symfony or are they essentially two flavors of the same drink?

        • Hugo Simon

          I took a look into both framework, and i must say Zend 2 keeps more clean code principles, but seems to be more complicated at the bginning. I took a look into symfony as well, and i found more insuries of the clean code principles. Symfony has the same config hell like Zend 2, only the places and formats differ. But i am sure you can build on both Enterprise applications. I took a month about to decide between Phalcon, CakePhp, Zend 2 and Symfony 2. From tec-view and motivation i would have taken Phalcon, but its too young and there are to less developer out there so i decided for Zend 2 with a bit advantage to Smyfony 2. Phalcon has a big problem when you find a bug; you cannot simply fix it cuz its written in C… For me ok but not for a company with many employees

  • James Murray

    One simple thing that I think PHPStorm could benefit from is some type of parameter completion for date() and DateTime::format().

    • macnibblet

      That would be awesome!

    • Mikhail.Vink

      There is a community plugin for that: (seems to be doing exactly what you ask for, and more). So I’d recommend to check that out!

      • James Murray

        My idea is still better ;P

        Just kidding, thanks for pointing this out.

    • Félix Dion Robidoux

      Totes support this idea!

  • Artem Soltynskiy

    Working php-plugin for each idea release. Function is broken for about a month

    • Mikhail.Vink

      It’ll be available for the latest IntelliJ IDEA EAP as soon as we deliver the first PhpStorm 9 EAP (in a few days).

    • Mikhail.Vink

      The plugin has been updated a couple of days ago, so it’s compatible with IntelliJ IDEA 14.1 (

  • malganis93

    +1 for ZF2 Support!

  • Igor Romanov

    Are there any plans for improved interface?

    • Mikhail.Vink

      Yes, we are constantly working on that both from IntelliJ platform and PhpStorm sides. Is there anything in specific which concern you most about the interface?

      • LC_

        My pet peeve : the oversized indentation on tree views :

        • Maxim Kolmakov

          Could you please try to use “Windows” Theme in “Settings->Appearance”?

      • David Gurba

        Somebody on Reddit asked for “Fixed Width” Project pane

        I upvoted that request. I think allllll panes should support fixed dimensions. Eg. I’d love a 3 line wide console pane so I could just watch for the color red to scroll by and not need to have a huge console if I resize the primary IDE window.

        and btw I own a work EDU license, and a home personal license! (because php storm is great!)

  • Hugo Simon

    Thanks to jetbrains-team for this greate peace of software. Since i use it i love it and all my old and now new company is using it :-) Simply the best php ide

  • CGeorges

    What about zf1 ? It’s more widely use than zf2 atm

    • Mikhail.Vink

      Could you please share some data which shows that? Thank you!

  • Ronald Lokers

    ‘Tools & Environment
    Easy use of “remote” tools (SSH or VM-hosted) – e.g. PHP Code Sniffer, PHP Mess Detector’

    Will this also allow us to create file watchers that can trigger a tool via SSH?

  • jamlee


  • André R.

    Wish for 2015: Support/tutorial on how to develop with PHPStorm and Docker (Machine, Compose, Engine). so you can develop your application in PHPStorm via docker on any platform (VM:Mac/Win, Native:Linux) with full debugging support and so on, and best practice for how to keeping containers up to date w/o breaking your dev setup.

    Should allow quite a lot faster dev setup by transparently supporting for instance VMWare on Mac/Win, instead of (manual) Vagrant+Virtualbox setup, and native on linux so definitely faster (than VM).

    If this requires use/extending official php/nginx container, so be it, it will benefit everyone if these becomes usable for everyone anyway.

    • Mikhail.Vink

      Thanks for feedback! We’ll definitely support our Docker support with proper tutorials & workflows descriptions.

  • Matt

    hey where is phpSpec support!?

  • Mamdouh Yahia

    split view design with code like Deamweaver or Microsoft Expression web

  • Chad

    I would also vote in favour for Hack being included in the next EAP.

    • Mikhail.Vink

      We are working on Hack support, please stay tuned!

  • Steffen

    I would love to get i18n support for behat:

    For example:

    Given I have a feature file starting with “#language: de”
    When I add a scenario in german
    Then defined steps should not be highlighted
    And undefined steps should be highlighted

    Given I have a feature file starting with “#language: de”
    And I have a scenario in german
    And the scenario has a custom step “Wenn ich PhpStorm öffne”
    And the step is defined in “FeatureContext.php”
    When I press ctrl
    And I click on the step
    Then the file “FeatureContext.php” should be opened

    And the cursor should be put to the step definition function

  • Christopher Moore

    Load configs from ~/.dotfiles directories

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      Could you please elaborate what would you like to be implemented?

      • Christopher Moore

        Default a settings file to be loaded from ~/.phpstorm for settings, themes, configs etc.

        • Serge

          In addition – something like list of excluded folders in config file – when creating project from existing files – to initialy avoid their indexing (for example, images, logs, backups folders which contain too many files)

  • Ollisso

    Please, allow title bar to be removed (IDEA-118409) and fix problem with debugging with AJAX (WI-20174).
    Both are very irritating.

  • Ralf Eggert

    Double +1 for ZF2 support.

    If you need testers, get in contact with me.

  • Don

    Speed, speed and more speed. PhpStorm is amazing, except it has one major flaw. It is chunky slow at times. I believe this is because of the Java layer but I don’t know. It just doesn’t SNAP like native equivalents (eg. Visual Studio). If I were on the dev team for PhpStorm, this would be my #1 priority, as well as continuing do to a great job on bug fixes and language support.

  • Rain01

    It would be awesome if you could set virtual directories for the project. They are set on the server but phpstorm doesn’t know them and I haven’t found any way to set them.

  • Gustavo L. Fabro

    My suggestion would be to build a task-force to improve current SVN support. I don’t know if internally you use git or something else, but there are several SVN issues on YouTrack that don’t appear to be getting the proper attention/priority.

  • Chris Emerson

    Don’t have any problems with speed here like lots of others seem to, even on my slow home PC. Lightning quick for me.

    I hope the bug in Behat gets fixed where the Examples section is indented incorrectly (in my mind, and according to the standard used in Behat docs) when using a Scenario Outline.

    I also really would like a remote pair-programming feature. Something like that would put the IDE light years ahead of the competition in my mind. You would open a connection to another session, and the IDE’s would then be linked. I guess the mouse movement would be problematic, but you could at least try and track roughly where the cursor goes – but keyboard signals should be sent across the connection, and ‘actions’ as well – eg, anything with a keyboard shortcut. That way each person can keep their own IDE preferences, themes, keyboard shortcuts (and in my case, Dvorak keyboard layout) and still easily pair program in an environment they are comfortable using and know their way around, even if you just connect to the person sitting next to you to do it. It’d be useful to see what the other person is doing with the mouse, but could be promlematic if the window sizes are different, or different panes are open in each IDE (maybe open panes if the other person hovers over it?) – but the general idea would be great. It only really needs to show where the mouse is relative to the code to be honest, and maybe if the other person opens a file or something using a pane that the first person doesn’t have open, it could just show a toast popup “Opened xyz.php” or something.

    Crazy idea, but pair programming using the same computer I find to be a bit of a pain, especially when you use a different keyboard layout to most people! Been hoping and wishing for something like this for a while :) Maybe I’ll get it some day…

    I know you have youtrack for requests etc, but I’m not registered there and don’t really want to sign up to yet another bug tracker just to report issues/request features, so hope these things are taken into consideration by a dev reading this or something!

  • Janne Hämäläinen

    How about support for own project templates like there is already for files ?

  • 林沐雨

    I want native phalcon framework support (not a IDE tools by phalcon)