PhpStorm 9 Early Access Program Started

We are glad to announce the start of Early Access Program for PhpStorm 9. A fresh build 140.2765 is available for download and we are waiting for your feedback in the Issue Tracker.

This build includes a bunch of new features, bug fixes and improvements from PHP, Web and IntelliJ platform sides. The development roadmap for PhpStorm can be found herePhpStorm 9 release is currently planned for Q2 2015.

From the PHP side, this build delivers:

  • Inline debugger for PHP;
  • Debugging workflow and Validate Debugger enhancements (now it’s located at Run | Web Server Debug Validation);
  • Option to set formatting for break in switch statement;
  • Additional options for PHP Code Sniffer are supported (sniff names can be set in inspections configuration);
  • Separate PHP Constructor editable template for constructor generation; other enhancements of constructor and PHPDoc generation;
  • Numerous new inspections and intentions (e.g. Parameters number mismatch declaration, Too many parameters in function declaration);
  • MVC plugin has been deprecated and removed from the distribution;
  • and much more (see complete list in our issue tracker)…

Read full PhpStorm 9 EAP 140.2765 release notes >>

WebStorm 10 EAP is available as well (read more in WebStorm blog), and from the Web side we are ready to deliver:

  • JavaScript support improvements (including major performance improvements);
  • HTML editing improvements (Synchronous HTML tag editing, Emmet edit points);
  • spy-js: advanced search, source map support, application dependency diagram;
  • New project template for ReactJS and Flux apps based on ReactJS starter kit;
  • V8 CPU and memory profiling;
  • TypeScript 1.4 and built-in TypeScript compiler.

WebStorm team has completely reworked the core of JavaScript support – the way JavaScript files are indexed. These changes are not visible at first sight, but affect the response time from code completion, structure view, as well as the time required for file highlighting, resolve and quality analysis.

Please let us know in the web issue tracker if you get any unresolved or red code.

And finally, IntelliJ platform side brings us many features including:

  • Distraction-free mode (a view with no toolbars, no tool windows, no editor tabs, just code on your screen. To switch to this mode, click View | Enter Distraction Free Mode)
  • HiDPI support for Windows/Linux (scaled icons/font-size, no blur). If you have any troubles with that, please, go to the corresponding issue;
  • A new option to Copy as rich text by default (you can read about that in a post in IntelliJ IDEA blog);
  • Opportunity to add multiple selections with the mouse (read more in this post);
  • Per-project file templates;
  • Enhanced Scratch Files feature (now they become real files stored in IDE settings so they are shown in Project View, they survive IDE restarts and even can be executed);
  • Version control integration improvements: log viewer with filtering by repository, annotation coloring now indicates the dates of changes: green for recent changes, red for older changes;
  • A new option to use HTTPS for updates and plugin downloads.

Download PhpStorm 9 EAP build 140.2765 for your platform from project EAP page and please report any bugs and feature request to our Issue Tracker.

This build includes a 30-day time-limited license. There is no patch updates available.

new distribution package targeting Mac OS X Yosemite users experiencing graphical glitches with Apple JDK has been improved. It features custom build of latest JDK 1.8 with fixes by JetBrains team. It saves you hassle of juggling JDK versions and editing .plist files. Work on custom JDK for OS X is still in progress – please report problems to the issue tracker. Note that non-native-looking font rendering is not a bug.

Remember to install .zip & .tar.gz versions into completely empty folder. Do not just unpack over previous version!

Please note that 9.0 builds use separate settings folder so either automatic or manual import of settings may be required. 3rd party plugins may or may not be compatible with 140.x builds – please ping plugin authors in case of any problems. We gladly offer them our support.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains PhpStorm Team

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  • G

    With this EAP xdebug doesn’t seem to function. It says that the module is missing.

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      Please check that in “Settings->PHP->Interpreters” you have the same interpreter as previously. Please also try to click “Reload” action there.

  • Andriy Bazanov

    A bit of negative feedback:
    1) I really do not like new editor tabs (the width and the way how they fade the long text) — I hate this as it’s definitely a minus in my opinion (but yes — it looks cool and fancy — I guess this is what “modern” devs like to see…).

    2) I also don’t like new scrollbar. I mean — it’s now much harder to see markers on it — especially yellow (warning/notices) ones (Windows 7, Windows GUI Theme). Same goes to “analysis” marker — sure, the green tick looks ok, but red exclamation mark is not.

    3) Some of the new icons for debugger (“step over” in particular) is difficult to understand — previous were MUCH cleaner in this regard.

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      1. There will be fixes in the next EAP. Please comment if they still don’t fit your needs.
      2. For me the new scrollbar is better. I’ve attached an image from EAP 9 and 8.0.3. The EAP is on the left and yellow lines are a bit more visible. Could you please elaborate what is wrong with “exclamation mark”?

      • Andriy Bazanov

        2) I do not agree with you (see the image below). Surely, not all lines are long like this, but still — I definitely prefer older one.
        NOTE: If I turn off scrollbar transparency (via Registry) it does look better if compared to the screenshot (somehow similar to the v8).

        3) Colored square look better (stylish as well) and more consistent with other states. Obviously, this is not critical at all .. but this is one of the few things that I have noticed straight away (just a quick test + they are very visible) — in such small size this icon (current image) does not look great — just plain colored square (a bit of pastel colors like you have in v8) looks much better IMO.

        • Maxim Kolmakov

          Thank you for details! I’ve commented on the corresponding UI issue and provided your screenshot. Unfortunately, the issue is not open for public so I can’t provide a link.

      • Andriy Bazanov
        • Konstantin Bulenkov

          we’ve fixed some issues for saving editor schemes customisations. As I can see on the picture all colors are wrong. The workaround is to switch to default (or darcula) scheme and add changes again. Right now, you are using old values for error warning/highlighters.

  • Mark

    Seems a little bit buggy so far.

    The new “Parameters number mismatch declaration” doesn’t work with PHP 5.6 variadics. Says I’m passing too many args, but they’re unlimited.

    Parameter completion (Ctrl+P) was refusing to pick up function signature until I restarted. Never realized how much I depended on that to know the inconsistent parameter order for built-in functions. Ctrl+Q was also of no help.

    Co-worker got a false “unresolved function” inspection error that wouldn’t go away until he switched tabs.

  • hizhangwei

    In the latest Mac OS X, the code editor label did not align with the window’s title bar (separated by a distance of a few songs pixels); Simplified Chinese fonts in addition how is it? The display is not as good!

  • Greg

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! add option to revert new tabs look to the old one.

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      Could you please elaborate what exactly don’t you like about new tabs?

      • Greg

        1. I work on a lot of tabs but I have them colour coded – file name patterns – so it is not a problem if I can see whole file name. Right now, with more tabs there are squeezed and very narrow – I cannot see file name. Up till now, when there were too much tabs, tabs were hidden on a side.
        2. fade of file name. It looks nice but it cuts on readability.
        3. tab rearranging and dragging to other view – on separate monitor for example – does not work correctly.

        4. I think there is more margins on left and right sides of name and icon. Wider tabs :/

        Please please fix :)

      • Daniel

        At least fade the title out faster, so it doesn’t start to become hard to read so soon.

  • Oliver

    on osx yosemite (bundled jdk) it’s so slow that it’s literally unusable (rMBP mid2014, i5 2.6, 8G ram, ssd). many inspections off, many plugins disabled, and still can’t even scroll a pretty small file properly.

  • Adrian

    PSR0/PSR4 namespace project structure does not work anymore, right? Or do one need any new configuration to make phpStorm find namespaces?

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      It should work in the same way as in PhpStorm 8.0.3. Could you please invoke “Code->Detect PSR-0 Namespace Roots”?

      • Adrian

        I did several times. In phpstorm 8 it detected namespace roots, in eap 9 not. All namespaces are unknown, and in all class files of my project (almost about 100 or so) almost all lines that use classes which are used are underlined….

        • Maxim Kolmakov

          Please try File->Invalidate Caches…

      • Adrian Grund

        The thing is that it worked in php 8 without errors and problems. I am not sure if I missed something in my project structure or namespace names. But everything in the code looks fine.
        May it be that only the FIRST level of a directory structure is taken for the namespace? Because with “first-level” classes (I mean files that contain classes in the first level of a directory) are accepted namespaces in phpStorm 9….

  • Slava

    And no Hack support? :(((

    • Mikhail.Vink

      We are working on that

  • Sergey Goppikov

    Really nice perfomance upgrade. it really fast now!!!
    But get back function for grupping tabs – it was really usefull

  • Codelegance

    I cannot use the built-in TypeScript compiler because it is not as feature-complete as file watches. Specifically, the IDE remains blissfully unaware that the generated JavaScript file exists until one leaves and re-enters the IDE and therefore will not upload the generated file to a remote server (since it does not acknowledge the existence of the generated file).

    • Alexey Gopachenko

      These are separate team efforts, but we’ll make them play together ASAP, thanks for reporting!

    • Andrey Starovoyt

      Hi. Do you use a separate folder for compiler output? Project should be updated after compiling every time so If the functionality doesn’t work, please, file an issue

  • Funivan

    This release is not ready for daily usage. Only for test new features.
    Can`t reopen project with hotkey.

    • Patrick Sweeney

      Of course it’s not, it’s an EAP.

    • Andriy Bazanov

      Or just try “Frame Switcher” plugin — much better IMO

    • Bryan Green

      I completely agree, Funivan. I CANNOT use this release. That said, I love these products and I know what to expect from an EAP.

  • Robert De Wilde

    Hack support?

    • Mikhail.Vink

      Not yet, working on that

  • Bryan Green

    Why would I not be able to detach the tabs from the main IDE window? They simply don’t pull off. There isn’t a thumbnail floating image of the tab either. I’m running Windows 7.

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      Please try to drag the tab outside of PhpStorm. It should work the same as in 8.0.3.

      • Bryan Green

        Agreed, Maxim. There must be some bug that’s been around for a while. Running on 3×30″ LCDs in portrait mode. Just thought I was missing something.

        UPDATE: Working in 8.0.3 again and the tabs still cannot be detached. Should I file a bug report?

        • Maxim Kolmakov

          Please try to drop the tab outside of PhpStorm. Does it help?

  • Mark

    How do we enable HiDPI mode in Windows? Should I, or should I not disable High DPI scaling in the Windows compatibility options? Is there anything I need to change in the PhpStorm settings? Icons are still a tad small on my 4K monitor.

  • Charles Shopsin

    Is Webstorm still a subset of PHPStorm? If I am primarily doing JS development would I get a better experience using Webstorm? (Price aside) And are the features in EAP releases in parity with one another?

    • Liubov Melnikova

      PhpStorm still has all features of the WebStorm. All the features from WebStorm are available in PhpStorm, the updates synchronized, so PhpStorm users won’t suffer for weeks without new features from WebStorm.

  • A Ribbens

    Hi there. I am really waiting for a feature to work directly via FTP access on a server. Every editor support this, but PHPStorm doesn’t. This is preventing my company to buy licences. Can you please tell when this will be ready?

  • Lee M.

    How about a more modern icon? The current one seems out of place on OS X Yosemite. How about something like this seen on the products page

    • Mikhail.Vink

      It’ll be updated soon to match OS X Yosemite style, definitely before the stable version release.

  • Bryan Green

    Thanks, Maxim. It’s the same deal. There seem to be not indication that a tab has been dragged or moved. Hard to say what’s going on here.

  • Mark

    -Dhidpi definitely changes the UI. The icons are huge now, but the text beside it is still small. The sizing is totally wonky. I wouldn’t say it’s usable yet.


    Make it laravel friendly – not even close.

    • Jimmy Howe

      Yes definitely! Laravel support would be a major bonus!