PhpStorm 9 EAP 141.891

PhpStorm 9 EAP 141.891 is available for download.

From the PHP side, this build brings following exciting features:

  • Remote edit: open single file directly from the remote host for editing

One of the most-demanded features is here: single file can be now opened directly from the remote host (such as FTP, SFTP, FTPS, etc) and edited in the IDE without adding/downloading file to the local project.

In order to start editing a file from remote host, just double click on the file name or select the Edit Remote File action from the file context menu:


The file will be opened in the editor, only some of the PhpStorm features are available in this mode (such as basic code completion). For debugging, some of the refactorings, and other advanced features, the file should be located inside the project.

phpstorm_remote_editAs soon as the file editing is finished, it can be uploaded to the remote host using the icon in the toolbar or with a shortcut Alt + Shift + Q. Diff and revert actions are also available.

We are still working on improving remote edit feature, please see all the related issues.

  • Postfix code completion for PHP

We are glad to introduce Postfix code completion for PHP, a new kind of completion which will extend your productivity even more.

Postfix code completion helps reduce backward caret jumps as you write code. It lets you transform an already typed expression to another one based on the postfix you added, the type of expression, and its context. For example, the .if postfix applied to an expression (with Tab key) wraps it with an if statement.


The postfix completion suggestions are shown as part of the basic completion. In case you’d like to see the whole list of postfix completions applicable in the context, use the Ctrl + J (Cmd – J) shortcut. All postfix completion templates can be found in Settings / Preferences | Editor | General | Postfix Completion.

  • Re-run (Ctrl+F5 / CMD – F5) shortcut bug is fixed
  • Scratch files can be run or debugged with PHP Script or PHPUnit local run/debug configurations
  • and more (see full list in our issue tracker)

Other changes from IntelliJ platform and web are also included, see complete release notes.

Download PhpStorm 9 EAP build 141.891 for your platform from project EAP page and please report any bugs and feature request to our Issue Tracker. Patch update from the previous version (PhpStorm 9 EAP build 141.791) is already available.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains PhpStorm Team

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  • MaximAL

    * Remote edit: open single file directly from the remote host for editing
    * Postfix code completion for PHP

    The best IDE ever!

    Traditional simple shell script for automatic update of EAP for users which love EAPs like I do:

    • Arilas

      Why do you need this script? If you put PhpStorm in /opt – it’s not good to place User-related program to system dir. This may be also Security issue to MITM attack
      На русском:
      Зачем вам этот скрипт? Если вы помещаете PhpStorm в системной папке – /opt, то это на самом деле не очень хорошо. В /opt ставятся какие-нибудь сторонние приложения, которые все равно обнволяются из репозиториев. PhpStorm же обновляется через архивы либо патч файлы. Намного удобнее, и правильнее размещать PhpStorm где-нибудь в домашней папке пользователя.

      • MaximAL

        Ну, смотрите, Александр…

        Во-первых, иногда обновления неинкрементальные (скорее вопрос к разработчикам, но видимо, на то есть свои причины), и не работают из самой среды, их нужно ставить вручную. Скрипт, сам скачивающий новый архив и сохраняющий пути для файлов запуска, от этого избавляет.

        Во-вторых, в `/opt` у меня всякие сторонние прилаги, да, но НЕ из репозиториев, либо из нетрастовых репозиториев. IDEA — не из репозитория; считаю, что ей там самое место. Ну и я преднамеренно не даю пользователю прав на запись в эту папку, поэтому скрипт, доступный только руту/судо, может обновлять Идею.

        Опять же, я далеко не эксперт в файловой системе Линукса, поправьте, если ошибаюсь, но для меня сейчас пока что такое расположение выглядит логично.

  • Petr Vnenk


  • Ralf Eggert

    Any news about the ZF2 support?

  • William Stam

    this version locks up a lot. how do you do the whole cpu snapshot thing?

  • Michael

    got an i7 4790k with 16gig of ram and this EAP makes it crawl. scrolling is slow, searching is slow, just feels really laggy.

  • Sébastien

    What about FTP upload performance ? If it’s the same as in PHPStorm 8.x, remote files will be a real pain…

    See for example. Upload a directory with PHPStorm can take minutes where using Filezilla take few seconds.

  • Denis Kazimirov

    Please make VCS changed text marked as it was in PHPStorm 8, i think it’s a VCS plugin bug, not PHPStorm-specific

  • demonkoryu

    Postfix completion is a great addition.

    However, I need to customize the templates. If I were to use if ($x == null) instead of if (null === $x), I would be in trouble in short time.