Meet PhpStorm 9.5 Development Roadmap

Today we are glad to share a development roadmap for PhpStorm 9.5, and we are looking forward to get feedback! Our PhpStorm Early Access Program has been already started yesterday.

Please note that this public roadmap is not a final list of features that you’ll see in PhpStorm 9.5. It’s quite flexible and there might be changes at any time. Furthermore, all the improvements to various existing features are not included into roadmap.

With this release we are going to put an extra effort into refining existing functionality useful for most of PHP developers.

The highlights of the roadmap include:

  • Editing Experience
    • Full PHP 7 support
    • PHP REPL (read–eval–print loop, interactive console for PHP)
    • Make static refactoring
    • Type inference improvements
    • Structural Search & Replace scenarios for PHP – basically an ability to easily define custom inspection rules
    • @method annotation improvements
    • Support for @inheritdoc in quick method doc
  • Tools & Environment
    • Composer via Remote PHP Interpreters
    • PHPUnit running system rework
  • Platform Features
    • Code formatter improvements
    • New UI for running tests
    • OS X and Java Version (the installer doesn’t require Java 6 anymore, the Switch IDE Boot JDK action)
    • True HiDPI Support for Windows and Linux
    • Indication for Running Configurations
    • Version Control: Editing Code in Diff Viewer
    • Find in Path: Preview Pane
    • Database Tools: New Data Sources and Drivers Dialog

We are also experimenting on:

  • Zend Framework 2 support
  • Joomla support
  • Data flow analysis
  • Array element type tracking
  • Inline rename
  • Getters/setters autocompletion
  • Duplicates detection for extract method
  • Stubs versioning (so that stubs correspond to selected language level)
  • Docker integration: image/container management and deployment tools
  • Plugin & new features discoverability

The roadmap is preliminary and will be revised during the upcoming months. The updated development roadmap is always available here.

PhpStorm 9.5 release is currently planned for Q4 2015. Our PhpStorm Early Access Program has already started.

As usual, PhpStorm 9.5 will include all the features and changes from IntelliJ platform and web part. We’ll also invest a significant amount of time and efforts in performance and fixing bugs in all subsystems.

We’ll be happy to hear your comments, ideas and suggestions here or on our issue tracker, where you can vote for issues or submit a feature request.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains PhpStorm Team

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  • Mike B

    Really looking forward to the native OS/X version! :)

  • Andrey Starostin

    please, fix old bugs, like “WI-674 Option not to break the FTP/SFTP connection (keep alive)”

  • kamazee

    Any chance to get fixed? Parser bugs are probably most annoying :(

  • Vitor Souza Rodrigues

    There is a reported bug when the “Create New Project from Existing Files” option, the same does not work?

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      Could you please elaborate what do you mean?

  • Mahmoud Saada

    Still no Codeception support :'(

  • Steve Gentile

    so far 9.5 has some serious issues on OSX – analysis of javascript is dog slow, fan running hard, etc… typing comes to a crawl

  • Thomas Klaas

    Are there any plans for auto completion in smarty templates?
    There are already issues within youtrack for that:

    WI-11879 Completion smarty templates with objects from PHP

    WI-6531 Autocomplete for php classes & static methods in smarty, navigate to the declaration, quick documentation and parameter info.

  • inneair

    Is there a future work on interface, something more ever light, as

  • Ruth Ivimey-Cook

    Can I also vote for fixing lots of existing bugs? One that’s annoying me at present is a regression in the multiline editing feature, where one or more lines are treated differently. My pet feature is a much more flexible behaviour for tool / docked windows. I pine for Visual Studio in that respect.

  • Malte

    One feature request that I would find enormously useful is the ability to take output from an external tool and pipe it back into the editor… for example I might highlight some text, run the tool and have the text replaced with the output of the etxernal tool…