PhpStorm 9.5 Early Access Program Started

We are glad to announce the start of Early Access Program for PhpStorm 9.5. A fresh build 142.4289 is available for download and we are waiting for your feedback in the Issue Tracker.

This build includes a bunch of new features, bug fixes and improvements from the PHP, web and IntelliJ platform sides. The updated development roadmap for PhpStorm can be found herePhpStorm 9.5 release is currently planned for Q4 2015.

From the PHP side, this build delivers:

  • PHP REPL (read–eval–print loop, interactive console for PHP);
  • Support for PHP7’s UTF-8 sequences in strings;
  • Support for file watchers has been added to deployment’s autouploading;
  • Improved replace quotes intention;
  • Debugging warning tooltip now allows to enable Break at first line option and navigate to the PHP | Servers;
  • and much more (see complete list in our issue tracker)…

Read full PhpStorm 9.5 EAP 142.4289 release notes >>

WebStorm 11 EAP is available as well, and all its features are already included into this EAP build either out-of-the-box or with a free plugins available in the repository (read more in WebStorm blog). From the web side we are ready to deliver:

  • Encode HTML special symbols action;
  • Improvements in TypeScript support;
  • Yeoman integration;
  • React.js support improvements;
  • JSX support improvements;
  • Debugging Webpack projects;
  • Running a single Mocha test;
  • Flame charts in Node.js CPU profiler;
  • Navigation to injected dependency definition in AngularJS 1.x and ngDoc;
  • Dart support enhancements;
  • Breadcrumbs in Stylus files;
  • Improvements in Meteor support.

And finally, IntelliJ platform side brings us many features including:

  • Preview for Find in path;
  • Improved HiDPI support for Windows and Linux;
  • New UI for unit testing;
  • Indication for Running Configurations;
  • Notable improvements in support for the RegEx case transformation syntax in Find and replace;
  • Version Control: Editing Code in Diff Viewer.

Download PhpStorm 9.5 EAP build 142.4289 for your platform from project EAP page and please report any bugs and feature request to our Issue Tracker.

This build includes a 30-day time-limited license. There is no patch updates available.

Remember to install .zip & .tar.gz versions into completely empty folder. Do not just unpack over previous version!

Please note that 9.5 builds use separate settings folder so either automatic or manual import of settings is necessary. 3rd party plugins may or may not be compatible with 142.x builds – please ping plugin authors in case of any problems. We gladly offer them our support.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains PhpStorm Team

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  • OlliM

    I think it should read: PhpStorm 9.5 release is currently planned for Q4 2015.

    • Mikhail.Vink

      Fixed, thanks!

  • Henry Garcia

    Awesome changes. Everytime I save a file i get a diaolog box stating “Failed to save settings. Please restart PhpStorm”

  • Daniel

    Sounds awesome, great new features ahead!
    Where can I find the PHP RELP? Didn’t find it anywehere

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      It’s in the tab “Console” that can be opened when debug session is active and phpstorm stopped on breakpoint.

      • Mark Bayazit

        Might you consider making it available without a debug session going? I’ve been using a program called “psysh” to test out little things. It would be even better if you started the REPL (why’d you call it RELP?) *and* loaded composer’s autoload automatically.

  • Bryan Green

    Thank you very much for this build. Lots of potential.

    Unfortunately, I’d suggest most developers to SKIP this EAP. I’ve run into bugs with some imports getting stacked on one line, “cannot save settings, please restart” messages and a few other things. If I must I’ll create tickets but need to get back to work now.

    Thanks again for the hard work. I’m always looking forward to these releases.

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      The issue with settings should be resolved in the next build:

      Could you please create an issue about imports on one line?

      • Bryan Green

        I’d be glad to create a ticket for the imports on one line issue.

        * Besides the minor issues, this is the best PHPStorm yet. Very fast editing! Zero-latency typing enabled with no issues.

        * And anti-aliasing++

  • petyan
    • Bryan Green

      It is an option available in this release’s registry.

      • Josh Taylor

        How do I set it?

  • Jexy Ru

    Alloy theme is dropped?

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      Alloy theme is a 3rd party L&F which is unfortunately not supported anymore. It has a lot of internal issues that we can’t fix because Alloy is not an open-source project but instead a commercial L&F.

      As a result we decided to drop its support.

  • Jexy Ru

    Cannot get used to IntelliJ, this looks awful imo:

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      Alloy theme is a 3rd party L&F which is unfortunately not supported anymore. It has a lot of internal issues that we can’t fix because Alloy is not an open-source project but instead a commercial L&F.

      As a result we decided to drop its support.

      Please create an issue about IntelliJ theme at

  • Artur

    Please return Alloy theme. Menus without shadow and buttons without highlighting on hover annoys me.

  • Christophe GUHRING


    My impressions with phpStorm 9 & 9.5 (in comparison to phpstorme 5.0.4) :

    – this is slow… when opening a file, the indexing process makes the editor laggy and the scrolling jaggy. All the computer is slowed down…. analyzing javascript sources that can count 11000 lines is very difficult, in comparison of phpstorm 5.04 which I continue to use because it is fast.

    5.04 lacks the new darcula & the ability of converting file encodings, but it is fast.

    Versions 9+ have another annoying feature : the dialog “non project file”, which can be deactivated via a plugin… but installing a plugin for taking rid of a dialog that should be deactivable via settings is, In my opinion, bloat…

    I’ve not tested versions between 5.04 and 9, so i dont know which version brings darcula + file encoding facility without slowiness and “non project file” dialog.

    My usage of phpstorm is mostly opening files directly from server via WinSCP. sometimes I develop locally, but my job (and my boss answers) makes me edit remotely often.

    Phpstorm is the one and unique editor of the world (i’ve tested 10+ editors) which colorizes efficiently files that mixes langages : php files with snippets (just strings !) of html, javascript and css.

    Phpstorm 9 had improved the language injection and recognizes strings that are concatenated. But it introduces an “sql dialect” preference, that is per project (I would like to have an editor-wide preference since i use only MySQL. (so sql injections are overlayed with an annoying color)

    endly, please excuse some bad language expressions, I’m french…

  • Daniel

    Activating brakes Phpstorm when editing blade files.

  • John Doe

    This new version seems significantly faster for me (using the bundled JDK version). Especially with zero latency typing enabled. And nice to have the font anti-aliasing settings too. Nice work guys.

  • MaximAL

    Quick EAP update shell script for those of you who love EAPs as much as I do:

  • smishnoy

    Why I can’t edit *.styl files?
    What is IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate?
    Зря вы так, зря-зря-зря :(

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      Have you installed “Stylus” plugin? Could you please check that it’s compatible with current version?

      • smishnoy

        I can’t install this plugin, because it does not appear in available plugins list.
        When I am trying edit stylus file, phpstorm-eap offered me to install IntelliJ Idea Ultimate (using the top-thin-bar)

        • Maxim Kolmakov

          Plugin should be already available for the last EAP.

  • Josh Taylor

    How do I turn off the annoying feature where if I have text highlighted, press shift-shift to search anywhere, the text selected appears in search anywhere?

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      Could you please describe your scenario where you want to have this feature disabled?

      • Josh Taylor

        I copy something, then need to open another file to paste it in, or I’ve highlighted something, and want to shift-shift again. At least make it an option, this is annoying when copying an array for example. This has been changed from a previous version.

  • Sergey Zolotov

    PHP REPL is working even if it’s waiting input from user. I can’t find a way to provide STDIN in console.

    Yosemite build have strange font aliasing, is it any way to return fonts that were in previous version or just configure?

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      > PHP REPL is working even if it’s waiting input from user. I can’t find a way to provide STDIN in console.

      Could you please elaborate what do you mean?


      Please try to “play” with “Settings->Appearance & Behavior->Appearance->Antialiasing”

  • Andrzej Łakomski

    HiDpi – pics or it didn’t happen!

  • Carsten Windler

    Thanks for the PHP REPL! I waited so long for this :-)