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New in PhpStorm 10 – Dataflow Analysis

PhpStorm 10 gives you an amazing new feature – the ability to analyze the data flow of your application without even leaving your IDE.

Using the new Dataflow Analysis tools, you can quickly and easily understand the paths the code has taken to get to any given point, which is fantastic for better understanding third party code, understanding complicated areas of your application, or finding bottlenecks in your logic.

Using the Dataflow Analyzer is easy — simply place the caret over the desired expression, method or variable, and select Analyze Data Flow To/From Here from the Code menu. PhpStorm will ask you in which scope you wish to analyze the data flow, and then show you the results in the Analyze Data Flow pane.

Using Analyze Data Flow To Here, you can see how a value has got to this line of the code, essentially it asks the question “how did this given value get here?”.

Analyse Data Flow Results

Here you can see the results of an Analyze Data Flow From Here request, showing how the selected value will be used after the current point in the execution – it asks the question “Where does this value go from here?”.

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– JetBrains PhpStorm Team

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