PhpStorm 10.0.2 is now available along with new JetBrains branding

We are glad to announce that PhpStorm 10.0.2 build 143.1184 is available for download.

This build includes new features, bug fixes and improvements from the PHP, web and IntelliJ platform sides. From the PHP side, this build delivers:

  • Improved code completion in primitive types, keywords and paths
  • Improved parsing of static variables
  • New inspections: variable variable usage
  • New formatter option: Space control before anonymous function parenthesis

Please see our issue tracker for the full list of PHP-related issues fixed and release notes.

Download PhpStorm 10.0.2 build 143.1184 for your platform and please report any bugs or feature request to our Issue Tracker.

Please notice that there will be no patches for PhpStorm 10.0.1.

New JetBrains and PhpStorm Branding

Today is a big day for us at JetBrains as we’re rolling out new company branding. After updating PhpStorm you will notice a number of visual changes in the product, such as a new logo, splash screen and other updates. We are very excited to present you the new JetBrains branding! Visit our completely redesigned website, and read about the branding update in this blog post


The Drive to Develop!
-JetBrains PhpStorm Team

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  • Jose Hernandez

    Is PHPStorm 10.0.2 been release can’t seem to download the new version from the main site.

  • revolive

    Why won’t there be a patch from PhpStorm 10.0.1?

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      I’m really sorry, but there have been some technical limitations that prevented us to publish patches.

      • The Mule

        As in ever again? Or with this particular release?

        • Maxim Kolmakov

          Just with this particular release since the issue is connected to launcher icons which have been changed.

  • Przemysław “eRIZ” Pawliczuk

    Now I will get confused everytime I’d wanted to start Photoshop vs. PHPStorm. Too simillar. Old one was more distinguishable among others. 😛

    • SuperDuck5

      Exactly, the problem is more practical than aesthetics. I’ve already launched PHP Storm instead of Photoshop by mistake a few times.

  • Seydamet

    PhotoShop? ))

    • kreitje

      Agreed. Not only the “PS” part, but the icon in general reminds me of Photoshop.

      • Michael

        me too. Makes a strong impression.

    • Christian

      Agreed, i now have photoshop twice ^^

      Thanks god changing the image on a Mac is quite easy 😀

    • Serge Kvashnin

      But looks better than previous one, probably, because it’s flat :)

      • CyncialOne

        I love you man but . . . you clearly don’t know what “flat” means when it comes to design. Perhaps you should: #StopSpoutingBuzzWords

    • Vojta Svoboda

      Photoshop 10.0.2 :-)

      • Robin van Baalen

        Haha that could be a screenshot of my dock. Exactly the same order: Sublime Text 2, Chrome, PHPStorm, Photoshop 😉

    • keithpickett

      This comes to mind…

    • JamesMallison

      I genuinely think they’ve had some bell end glorified project manager come onboard and try and shake everything up with “new subscription model everyone will hate” and “new, awful logo with a font like photoshop”. Wow.

      • Dave Stewart

        The new subscription model sounds good to me, and seems to be a good workaround to not being able to access the functionality of the different products from each product. I sometimes need to work with Ruby code on commercial projects, so having access to RubyMine now, as opposed to waiting for JB to re-engineer their products to become more flexible is great news.

    • serdar_d

      Can some one tell me how can I change it?

    • Logx

      I can’t believe PHPStorm 10.0.2 Logo, PHPStorm 10.0.2 icon so ugly! I roll back to PHPStorm 10.0.1 because this reason.

      • Tekin

        You don’t have to.. just find out where they are located at

        ~cough~ /lib/resources_en.jar ~cough~


        • Logx

          Great !

  • DerVO

    Indeed a little confusing with PhotoShop. But anyway I like the new style. Btw: Would have been worth at least a 10.1 version number…

  • Chris Weber

    I’m confused why PhpStorm’s logo doesn’t include Php in it.

    • neemzy

      True, “PhpS” might just have done it

  • Ivan Jaros

    The new design is not bad. But I would expect the programs to reflect this as well. The icons, fonts, colors…do not match this design at all. Also your most popular product(phpstorm :D) should be on the front page as well, not hidden somewhere in the second level of main menu. Aaaand yes, photoshop 😀

  • Jack Saat

    While it’s great to see this updates, I really dislike the branding the old one was so much better, this looks way to close to Photoshop’s branding!

  • Marcus Bointon

    Why does this release have a lower build number than the EAP from a week ago (143.1212)?

  • Javi Aguilar

    I agree It seems a Photoshop logo… I would rather use a cool elePHPant. Anyway, is there plans for automatic updates I mean, without the need of downloading manually every time?

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      I’m really sorry about missing patches. We try to provide them for each minor release but unfortunately sometimes there are limitations in our patch system which prevent us from doing so. In this particular case it were new icons.

  • Kees Hessels

    Yea, first impression to me was Photoshop as well, very confusing, not the smartest move, sorry.

  • Kees Hessels

    To be honest, i would do something with php and not ps, photoshop and phpstorm have the same initials, just my 5 cents…

  • Joshua Gigg

    Function variables on the Darcula theme have changed to this horrible shade of red that’s almost unreadable

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      Please double check that it’s bundled “Darcula” and not a custom one based on “Darcula”.

      • Joshua Gigg

        Thanks. Seems like I had somehow made a copy of Darcula.

  • Jan

    The splash screen is tooo much purple…. also Photoshop.

    • Andreas Linnert

      Actually I think the new one is less purple and more blue and black than the previous one…

  • alekmlynek

    Not a fan at all. I keep my dock really small, and PHPStorm now just looks like a purple glob.

    The new website branding is also really hard to look at. Not sure what audience the unicorn vomit is targeting, but for me personally the old website was easier to digest. Now it looks like you’re really trying hard to be Adobe.

    Thankfully marketing and quality of product are separate entities, still love your tools.

  • Tomáš Domanik

    Adobe bought JB ?

  • chillspace

    New PHPStorm branding is very Photoshop. You may want to rethink the design.

  • Dust2Player

    which is the most downloaded ide? phpstorm or pycharm or intellij or etc?

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      IntelliJ IDEA is our flagship IDE at the moment.

  • Seth Warner

    So in order to install this, I am new to coding, do I need to completely delete the current PhPStorm that I have currently then install this one? If not what are the steps to be taken!


    Thanks guys!

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      You can just install in a separate folder and use both version simultaneously or you may remove the previous version if you wish.

      • Seth Warner

        kk, ill most likely just have the new version replace it

    • Andreas Linnert

      The installer asks you if it should remove the old version for you. So you don’t really have to remove it manually.

      • Seth Warner

        Awesome, thank you Andreas!

  • Alan Chavez

    Have you guys been poaching Adobe’s employees? Also, did your design team run this by the legal department? I’m not a fan, especially because I have photoshop next to PHP Storm in my dock, and I’m certain that stupid me will click the wrong one all the time.

  • Ds

    Why the CMYK thing for an IDE? Doesn’t make sense…

  • Codelegance

    Wow you guys must be making a mint if you can afford to buy out Photoshop.

  • Andriy Podanenko

    Thanks Adobe for the idea for the icon ))
    Thanks to JetBrains for the update.
    i was wondered that automatic update is not working (((

  • saka

    You should fire your designers, the new website is ugly. I don’t code on a tablet or phone, probably most don’t, yet your website is yet another metro flat, oversized, empty design with 0 creativity/personality. Just the footer takes up my whole screen – WTF!? Whoever designs things like this is not an artist, just someone posing as one and imitating whatever trends MS is currently pushing down our throats. Even a 5 year old could design like this. As a web dev/designer I’m sick of this lack of skill and art on the web these recent years.

    I see this same disappointment in PHPStorm. The UI has gotten flatter and flatter, naiver and naiver with every release. The icons have gotten more simplistic (read blurrier). No vector icon will ever with match with the sharpness of raster icons. Stop messing with the design, the fact that many love your products means they’re already good, so why screw your customers? If I wanted something ugly like Visual Studio, I’d use that.

    • Coreinsanity

      I fail to see how this is “Screwing their customers”. Screwing us would be raising the price 3x and invalidating all licenses from renewal. Or making the entire thing pink and we have no say, and can’t change it.

      If I had to comment on the layout, I’d prefer flatter minimalist layouts to the beveled and overly fancy graphical crap you’re probably thinking of. Who wants a bunch of fancy graphical garbage cluttering up the UI? The UI should be minimal, out of the way, and non-distracting. I don’t even notice the UI, and that’s kind of the point.

      On their website? I don’t care, who cares? We use it to download the tool, download updates, and renew the sub (unless it’s auto.) – Beyond that who actually gives a crap? I don’t. The website looks fine, good enough for what I do with it.

      Someone should fire you for caring so much about the flattness and lack of fancy graphics on an IDE UI.

      That being said, the new branding logo is way too similar to photoshop, and way too artsy.

  • El KuKu

    Guys, there must have been changes recently about the license period for EAP versions. I do clearly remember that is has been 30 days from the build date at least for the last two years.
    Currently it states: Build on 9/12 expires on 11/12 – 2 days… that’s not much time for testing :(

    About the new branding: I am glad that I don’t have to use Photoshop so I’m fine here 😉

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      We haven’t changed anything in EAP licensing. We provide 30 day free license for each EAP build for major release and don’t provide such license for EAPs for minor releases so current EAPs just use your 30 day free trail for version 10.

  • Sam

    The Linux installation instructions appear to be broken (it never loads), which is annoying because I can never remember the correct tar command

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      Do you use “tar xf “? Please make sure that you’re unpacking in a new folder.

  • Josh Taylor

    I love the new photoshop icon!

  • 曾祥康


  • Vaidotas

    Not a fan of new purple color scheme. How about a “classic” version with old icon and splash screen?

    • Tekin

      PhpStorm Installdir/lib/resources_en.jar

      Inside it you find a dir names artwork. I always replace the artwork of PhpStorm 10 😀
      If you don’t have the artwork of PhpStorm 9 anymore, ping me and I send it to you. You can also get PhpStorm 9 from Jetbrains when you use your brain a bit. 😉

  • M

    I preferred the old branding. This is too complicated and reminds of Photoshop….

    • nomadme

      This is a ultimate fail for re-branding for this good product.

  • Паша

    New branding sux. Liked the one with a shuttle.

    • mista twista

      I want shuttle from 9 version, too! Let’s sign a petition to put shuttle back!

      • Tekin

        PhpStorm InstallDir/lib/resources_en.jar

        inside it you finde a directory called artwork. Change the images to what you like. I put the Shuttle back into it 😀

      • Paul Schmidinger

        Why should the Space Shuttle stand for PHPStorm? The Shuttle is old and not in use anymore. So why should it stand for a software that is new and very much alive? Please don’t misunderstand me, the shuttle is a great achievement, but it is a thing of the past! And PHPStorm is not.

    • nomadme

      Totally agree, that was totally unique in many ways… We want the “Shuttle” back!

  • mista twista

    New design and logo are awful. “Photoshop” icon is a biggest fail. Please put back shuttle from v.9 to splash screen. Everyone liked it

  • kip2

    And next rebranding will brings us the all-new PS4 logo ;)))

  • Tekin

    I hope not this pink/violett gay logo again 😀 I always have to put resources_en.jar from PhpStorm 9 into the libs dir to get the cool looking Space Shuttle back. 😉

    Btw, is it really nessesary to put the huge jre dir into the linx package every time? I have jdk/jre installed on my machine and always delete this.

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      We’re going to provide our own custom JDK for Linux in the nearest future. Besides it’s much easier for us to maintain single JDK since different JDK (OpenJDK, OracleJDK) and different versions (6,7,8) may cause different issues so we provide a “standard” JDK which behavior is predictable for us.

      • Sreten Sretenovic

        Can some of those issues be something like this – after starting PhpStorm 10.0.1 on Ubuntu 14.04.3 most applications got some weird java look (programs lost their default, expected, interface colors). That goes for Chrome, MySQL Workbench, Sublime, Files (fonts became thin and dialogs became gray and java like). Is there a way to fix this?

        • Maxim Kolmakov

          This shouldn’t be connected to PhpStorm since PhpStorm doesn’t install Java in system and uses a version which is located inside an application folder.

          • Sreten Sretenovic

            But problem started after I run PhpStorm for first time. Does someone has the idea what caused this behaviour.

          • Maxim Kolmakov

            Please try to remove jayatana package.

      • yehosef

        until you solve the fonts/aliasing issues (at least on mac) – this is not an option.

        • Maxim Kolmakov

          We’re working hard on this quite complicated task and we hope to solve it till we start bundle custom JDK.

      • Insidious Force

        This idea = not good

        • Maxim Kolmakov

          Could you please clarify why?

    • mista twista

      thanks for hint on resources_en.jar ! welcome back, shuttle! welcome back, not-photoshop-icons

    • Sreten Sretenovic

      Could you upload somewhere old resources_en.jar!

    • mista twista

      I’ve replaced resources_en.jar with one from v9, but first few seconds on start i see new splash (no shuttle), but later it is replaced with old one (with shuttle)
      + in File menu option “open latest” became few pixels height (no text label, but you can still click it)

      • Tekin

        I didn’t replace the whole file. Just some images inside the artwork dir of it.

      • Sreten Sretenovic

        Looks like this doesn’t work on Win7!

  • mein_arsch

    Whoever decided to color parameters in darcula dark red needs to be slapped.

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      Please make sure that you have “Darcula” theme selected and not a custom version of “Darcula” in “Settings->Colors & Fonts”.

      • JohnnyWalker2K1

        I have tried switching away from my custom version to the “Darcula” theme in “Settings->Colors & Fonts” and parameters are still unreadable dark red:

    • Francesco

      I use Solarized dark and the background of php files is lighter than before, thus reducing contrast.
      I had to manually tweak the background color in the settings. It seems a bug however… js,twig and other file types seem ok

    • JohnnyWalker2K1

      You’re not wrong. Ow!

  • Роман Уляшев

    XD Photoshop!

  • Роман Уляшев

    Sounds event greater in Russian.

  • jossif

    The new icon…. hummmmm, nice, but what’s that bar under the “P”? Looks like a metro style progress bar somehow. Guys, your IDE isn’t that slow 😉

  • Aurimas

    When are you guys going to fix PHP7 problems in phpstorm?

  • Seer

    Love the new branding, the new icon looks FAR better than the old one, so, SO much better. It’s nice for all of the IDEs to have consistent icons too. I have to agree with most of the others here saying the PS makes you think of Photoshop though, maybe it should have been “PHP”, not sure if that’d have fit on though, “JPS” maybe?

  • Philip Saa

    Definitely PhotoShopy!

  • Daniel Stancu

    JetBrains has been bought by Adobe? 😀

  • ryt

    UX design went out of the window when designing this icon

  • Khaled Al-Quz’a

    PhpStorm 3x Times faster than before on my small mac Thank you:)

  • xannn

    I’m running Phpstorm on a 2015 Macbook Pro with an i7, and it has been running horrendously slow since El Capitan landed. It must be something rubbish going on between JDK 8 and El Cap as i’m having to run Phpstorm with JDK 6(!) to make it run at a reasonable speed (i’d roughly say every action takes twice as long if running unit tests are anything to go by)…

    It is still the case with this release. When will you be fast again Phpstorm so I can stop using janky old version of Java D:

  • David Labbe

    Major branding blunder. Even though PhpStorm is not a design software it is still in the same realm as Photoshop to an extent. They usually go hand in hand in most occasions, frontend and backend. The first thing people will see when they see this logo is Photoshop as they have more then securely etched the ‘PS’ into their users subconscious minds. Sorry, but that is just on top of the list of mistakes you don’t want to make with branding.

    • David Labbe

      UPDATE: I have been using the new “PS” update all morning and YES it does do a mind F#$% when switching apps.

  • Paul Leskov

    Азазазаза. Исправили злоебучий баг с “”

  • Orlando Rincón

    I literally had to check the URL twice to confirm it was not adobe’s

  • gskema

    We are programmers, not web designers. This “edgy” material design doesn’t fit AT ALL. I want the spaceship (operator) to be my logo 😀

  • Alexander Leshuk
  • Lkopo

    I am just asking to be sure, probably the answer is YES – After an installation, my PhpStorm IDE settings from previous version will appear in a new version?

  • nomadme

    New branding is just plain horrible! Bad colors and bad icons.

  • Neal Ostrander

    Whoa the new website looks like a rainbow threw up very poor design.

  • crayygy

    I think it’s beautiful than before…am I the only one?

  • Sebastiaan Stok

    The new icon, Splash screen and Brand design looks horrible, was your designer on LSD or something coming-up with these colors and logo? I understand the idea behind the underscore (cursor) but why change a logo that has been accepted for years and worked fine!

    The previous splash screen (after the Jet one) looked really well designed and clear (best one yet), but this new one? No, just no

    • Tekin

      I still think the best one was the one from PhpStorm 7

      To remind you:
      Because its more “code-ish”

      • Gabby

        YES! I missed this one even when PhpStorm 8 came out. I was disappointed they changed it but the shuttle wasn’t as bad as this.

        • Coreinsanity

          Agreed, this was the most fitting one they made.

  • Slava UA

    Seems you forgot to update your PhpStorm Development Roadmap

  • Eric Londaits

    Change the logo. First day and I’m already confusing it with the Photoshop one in the task switcher. If you change the monogram from Ps to something else (PhS?) it might be enough.

  • Gavrya

    New phpstorm brand logo is stupid and ugly. And wtf is _?

  • Krzysztof Trzos

    Don’t like the new look, sorry :(. As the predecessors have said… it’s reminds of Photoshop. Want the old one be back.

  • John Doe

    The new website design is a huge step backwards. The old site had a ton of GREAT examples right on the homepage, and even more on the Features page. It also had a nice “dev” feel to it.

    The new design looks like yet another boring flat oversized site with terrible UIX. You removed tons of useful screenshots and information and made it harder to understand why the IDE would be an asset to most devs.

    Fire whoever has done this and either re-do it again or revert back. I know this won’t happen but oh well. I feel like you’re moving further and further away from devs to mainstream. You seem to forget you’re NOT mainstream – devs are your main (and only?) customers.

  • yehosef

    Where can we find the version without the bundled-jdk. I’m not sure what the bundled-jdk gives me, but without nice fonts I can’t use it.

    • Maxim Kolmakov
      • yehosef

        thanks! – would it be possible to include the link in future download pages – even in small print?

        • Maxim Kolmakov

          There is action “Switch JDK” which allows you to choose between bundled and system JDK using build with custom JDK so we think that separate installation is not needed for wide audience.

  • Johannes Regner

    New logo = Ultra Fail !

  • BlueZED

    Worst Logo Ever! :(

    I’m not an Adobe fan so I’m really bothered by this… So much I changed the desktop icon already back to what it was 😉

  • Fabien

    I dislike the new icon for a good / semantic reason: the loading bar at the bottom always gives you the impression something is loading. This is particularly disrupting when the icon is shown in the Dock (Mac OS) or when switching to another program with cmd + tab. We have as a well accepted convention such loading bar should only be displayed when something **really** is happening in the background. I would appreciate if we could remove it.

  • Chapman

    Someone also forgot to put a link to the blog from the main site…

  • Vincent Duke

    The new design totally doesn’t fit. I appreciated the ability to tell the difference visual between my creative tools and my coding tools. I appreciate what Jetbrains is trying to do, but if were going to go this route lets do it tastefully and purposefully not to join the creative design mold which we are not a part of.

    I am not opposed to rebranding, but if we are going to re-brand can’t we at least be original? Is JetBrains planning to sell to Adobe? There are a number of application that have taken this approach and style, Affinity Photo, and Affinity Designer for example (Graphics applications again). Regardless, even if we choose to go this route with the Jetbrains brand, let’s not do it halfway? The present look and feel of it to me seems very slapped together, there is no polish. I will say the website looks better than the splash screen for PHPStorm, When i look at the icon it is like a terminal window got thrown on top of an abstract rainbow turd (not to be unprofessional in my view, i just cant think of another way to describe it).

    My bottom line here so i stop rambling.

    1. Let’s not lose our brand identity as professional developer tools

    2. If we are going to go abstract “edgy” artsy like creative software does right lets not just slap it together. Remember where are we are “creatives” in the essence that we build applications, the majority of us are not Artist, we are Coders. The Artist IDE of choice would be Dreamweaver or whatever other Drag & Drop platform they prefer, and I pray to GOD that we are not going to head in that direction.

    3. It just doesn’t feel professional.

    Sign it if you agree

    • nomadme

      Well said, what I was trying to say.

  • Salvatore Tedde

    PhotoStorm :)

  • daviestar

    Don’t listen to the haters JetBrains, as a DESIGNER and developer I think the new branding is great (new website design is great too), and a welcome change for JetBrains.. I’ve been using since version 7 and I’ve been hoping you would change the PHPStorm logo since then as it was looking dated next to all my other dock icons. Good job!

    To silence the developers-turned-design-critics I would recommend changing ‘PS’ to ‘PHP’

  • Michael Ward

    I’m amazed by the amount of whining about logos and design in this comment thread.

    PhpStorm is an excellent tool that makes being a developer even more enjoyable for me and my colleagues everyday. STFU and code.

  • Vlad Olaru

    Now REALLY!!! When are you guys entering the 21st century? What is it with all these updates where I have to download the whole app (trial) overwrite the old installation and hope that everything sticks? You have entered the subscription model. Then I expect smooth automatic updates. Why do you want me to get frustrated when I should be coding?

  • Ben

    I like the new PhpStorm website redesign. The only problem I can see with it right now is the dynamic screenshot on phone screen resolutions. At those resolutions the screenshot is too small to see the detail and comprehend what the image is showing and the pinch zoom is buggy. For phone resolutions I’d switch the dynamic image to individual images inline with the text.

    I wasn’t sure about the logo to begin with because of the similar design as the Photoshop logo and because the default Windows 10 taskbar colour is black, but it looks good on my taskbar.

    People can use the old icon on the Windows taskbar by: –

    1. Grabbing & saving the icon from the old PhpStorm executable (e.g. using something like BeCyIconGrabber)
    2. Creating a shortcut to the new PhpStorm on their desktop
    3. Right click shortcut and choose Properties
    4. Click change icon button and navigate to the old icon
    5. Pinning the shortcut to the taskbar :)

  • B Bora

    Please make updates as a packed. dont be whole program. Maybe 10.0.1 to 10.0.2 pack

  • Harith Ultima

    I have to agree with the majority here… the icon/logo … reminds me of photoshop

    • Harith Ultima

      pStorm would be nicer

  • JamesMallison

    Where are the in-application automatic updates?

    Edit, it’s been posted below ( – view that then scroll down to the first set of comments.

  • Coreinsanity

    Oh man, this new branding is so unfitting for this product.

    I’m not normally all that critical about stuff like this, especially in an IDE where I mostly care about it being out of my way (so I don’t agree with the people completely blowing up and lashing out at the entire design and website.) But this really just doesn’t look good at all.

    1) This is way too artsy for a development IDE.
    2) It seriously doesn’t fit the brand at all. It looks nothing like what I would think when I hear “Jetbrains” or “PHPStorm” – I mean at least the last icon had, you know, a JET in it.
    3) It looks WAY too similar to Photoshop. I don’t understand this? This looks so close to photoshop you could pass it off as part of the creative suite 2016 (whatever that’s going to be called.)

  • Mathieu ROBIN

    Hi, no live-update like during 10.0.0 to 10.0.1 ?

  • Michael

    I think the new branding looks really good although, I did think that the PHPStorm logo resembled Photoshop straight away!

  • Gabriele

    I like the new icon, the previous one in comparison looks really old style like it’s something from the 90s.
    Also it’s good that you have finally settled on a common direction for all visual-related stuff, it was kind of weird watching you change the splash screen “randomly” version after version.
    Good job!

  • Logx

    PHPStorm 10.0.2 logo, icon soo.o.o.o.o ugly! you must fix it

  • Michael A

    I have to agree with many of the comments below that the new branding is a mistake. This should be redone asap. By mimicking the design of another brand you are following in their footsteps, who btw have an IDE of their own. JB is better than this. In many ways you are leaders and your branding should reflect that.

  • CyncialOne

    I just finished updating and now, again. Can we save up these updates and wait till something important is added to release an update, please?

  • Mizoguchi Ko

    Finally consts of array is correctly parsed! I love it!

  • mabrahamde

    please change the “photostorm” logo. it’s really annoying.

  • Mike Potter

    I also dislike the new icon very much. The white bar at the bottom also looks like some partial progress bar. Here is a much nicer icon for Mac OSX:

  • Michael Bruce Allen

    What is funny, is I just bought phpstorm and my first thought in the background of my psyche was “gross! what a terrible splash screen”. I did not see the old design but now that I read about this, I want the old design. I hate the edgy look. I hope they own up to this. They listened to us with the subscription and being able to actually OWN your copy. They should also hear us about design. It wasn’t broken before, so why the change?

  • Adrian Grayson

    Awesome stuff guys! :)

  • anaxamaxan

    The cognitive friction when app switching between Storm and Photoshop is quite annoying.

    Honestly, I’m surprised Adobe hasn’t filed suit for copyright infringement.

  • Wenson Smith

    I love this logo !

  • Rob Senn

    AdobeBrains PhotoStorm 10.0.2

  • Grumpys view

    where is the download link???

  • Dennis Bruijn

    Thanks for the update! I think the best solution to the whole redesign problem is to do a survey on your current user base and try to figure out what to improve and of course improve is ASAP 😉

  • Alfredo Ramirez

    PHPStorm as been replaces by Photoshop :(

  • CoupDeCoop

    The logo is being attacked by a pack of blocky gumdrops.

  • Greg Stout

    People like your company, so there a lot of blowing smoke on this page because we know a re-brand is hard. The reality is, I appreciate you needing to find your brand but this is way too close to Adobe’s product brand
    and most Web heads use both. Anyone can see the glaring similarity which will cause brand confusion/frustration.

    The rebrand feels like a big gaff by someone who should have known the market better or whose test group consisted of buddies instead of the product’s audience.

    Dare I say, If as much public involvement had been put into the re-brand process as has been put into the endless “Re-brand BIG Announcement Victory Lap” you could have had real success.

    How do you fix this?

    1. Get in front and own the gaff. ( Yes it’s a gaff, even if a few said it was great… just count the other comments. )

    2. Save you pennies and publicly roll back out the other concepts that you developed during this process. (I’m assuming there were others)

    3. Involve your customer( Novel, I know). Let your paying contributor blow up your social media channels picking a winning concept that they actually like.

    4. Then use the brand your customers wanted.

    Great companies blow it sometimes. Own it. Fix it. Learn from it.

    All the best,
    Greg Stout | Director of Online Marketing

  • ambaxter

    Also, the line under the PS looks like a half-loaded progress bar. It catches my eye every time I open the doc and for a brief moment, I think “what’s installing?”