PHP Annotated Monthly – October 2016

PHP Annotated Monthly LogoOctober 2016

Autumn (or Fall for some) is apparently closing in, and as we get ready to carve pumpkins and hand out sweet treats to bands of marauding kids, Gary Hockin rounds up the exciting news and articles in the PHP community from the last month.

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PHP and Development

We still only have two versions of PHP that are supported; 5.6 and 7.0. Latest versions are:

In addition to these latest releases, there is also a release candidate for PHP 7.1,  Release Candidate 3. You can learn more in Introduction to PHP 7.1 (Update) by Pascal Martin.

With a new release of OSX coming this month, a few people have had trouble getting PHP working with Sierra. Thankfully several articles have been published to help you get up and running again, with my favorite being Michelangelo van Dam: PHP 7 on macOS Sierra.

Here’s a roundup of other interesting articles in the PHP world:


Frameworks and Libraries

Firstly, a HUGE congratulations to the Symfony project for passing 500,000,000 total downloads last month. That is a tremendous accomplishment, and everyone at JetBrains congratulates you on your ongoing efforts. The blog post The Road to 500 Million Symfony Downloads is a great read on the Symfony blog.

I really enjoyed Let CodeSniffer inspect your code in PhpStorm by Theo Tzaferis (and not just because it is referencing PhpStorm :D) this month, and it’s also worth mentioning that The 2016 Laravel Survey is currently running.

Other framework and library-related posts for the month are:

Zend Framework




Community and Events

The hottest news in PHP right now is that the PHP-FIG’s new set of bylaws have passed, meaning the structure of the Framework Interop Group has changed dramatically. I’ve blogged and moaned about the group lately, but in all honesty, while I don’t think the new bylaws are perfect, I certainly believe that they are a huge step in the right direction.

If you haven’t followed the FIG recently, the new bylaws collectively referred to as “3.0” take some of the focus off voting members by introducing a new “Core Committee” to do most of the voting around the day-to-day running of the FIG (the Core Committee members and secretaries are still voted in by the member groups). It also introduces a more formal way of arranging teams to work on specifications by presenting the concept of Working Groups. It’s a huge change and a massive amount of work, and I commend Larry Garfield and Michael Cullum for putting in an inordinate amount of effort.

Digital Ocean’s “Hacktoberfest” is running again, which basically means if you commit three pull requests to an open source project in the month of October, the fine folks at Digital Ocean will send you a free t-shirt. You can find out more on their blog.

Other notable community-based posts for the month:

Podcasts released this month include:

I’ll be around a few events in October, most noticeably ZendCon in Las Vegas, so make sure you come up and say hello if you see me – I promise I’m not scary at all!


See you next month!

– Gary and the PhpStorm Team

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