PhpStorm 2017.1 is now released: Support of Codeception, PHPUnit 6, PHPDoc in Blade injections, more

PhpStorm 2017.1, the next major update for PhpStorm, is now available! You can download it here or via JetBrains Toolbox App.

Our website has all the details of this release, and here’s a roundup of the notable highlights.


Tools and frameworks

  • Support of the Codeception testing framework
  • Support of PHPUnit 6
  • Blade Support Improvements

Editing experience

  • Parameter Hints
  • Improved support of PSR-0 and Rename Refactoring
  • Recognition of PHP class names in strings
  • Improved PHP formatting

Improvements in auto-import functionality

  • Auto-import of functions and constants
  • Auto-import from the global namespace

PHP language support

  • Full support of PHP 7 Uniform Variable Syntax
  • Current scope highlighting for alternative syntax
  • PHP 7.1: Improved support for anonymous classes
  • New code highlights
  • Configurable PHP runtime

Code quality analysis

  • Detect and convert PHP 4 style constructors to PHP 5.3+
  • New quick-fix for undefined variables

PHP debugging

  • Grouping of user-defined constants in Debugger
  • Allow choosing IP to be sent to Zend Debugger

Please see our issue tracker for the full list of PHP-related issues fixed and release notes from all previous EAP builds.

PhpStorm 2017.1 also brings major improvements in its support for top-notch web technologies, such as Vue.js support, integration with Jest, completion for modules in package.json and much more.

IntelliJ Platform has given this release lots of new features and bug-fixes as well, including enhancements in Version Control, better search in Find in Path, Support for emoji in the editor, clickable hyperlinks in Terminal, and more.

Database tools have been significantly improved with better schema management in the Data Sources and Drivers dialog, columns mapping and DDL preview in CSV import, Drag-n-drop for exporting/importing tables, SQL resolution scopes, and Respect default search path.

For more details please see What’s New in PhpStorm 2017.1 and download a free 30-day PhpStorm trial for your operating system.

PhpStorm 2017.1 is available as a free update for everyone who has an active subscription for PhpStorm or All Products!

JetBrains PhpStorm Team
The Drive to Develop

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  • Dr. Shitcakes

    But now my UI fonts aren’t nice and antialiased anymore :(

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      Sorry about that. It’s a know change: Please vote.

    • Dragos

      yes, fonts are messed up

    • Andrew

      Yes, I have found another good font ))

  • Евгений

    Database error:

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      It looks like you have two: dekaf-single-*.jar. Please try to do a clean reinstall of PhpStorm.

      • Евгений

        Yes. problem was with two jar in plugins/DatabaseTools/lib
        I removed old version, restarted phpstorm and database console start working again.

      • jay

        thank you.
        I got the same problem.
        Follow your reply, finally found two files in that dir.

  • Greg

    Is there any way to restore old search behavior? Now layer with search disappears while changing to another window – it’s actually pretty annoying.

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      There is a way to switch it back. Please follow comments in Please also leave your comments there that will help us to improve the new behaviour.

    • He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

      Yes that’s a regression for me. Something was right and was made as a popup to annoy by disappearing when one clicks outside

  • ksdev

    Can I disable the blue active tab underline (using darcula theme)?

  • sczdavos

    Using codeception plugin, how do I run a single test or a test selection or a failed tests? Using the default behaviour it always runs all tests without a possibility to specify anything.

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      Please see:
      That will help you to adjust a run configuration.

      To run a single test, just right click on the method/class and select “Run”.

      Rerun of failed test is not supported yet. Please vote for

      • sczdavos

        Thanks! Works for me, when I was trying that I thought that there might be some option to do so in the Run window. I’ve found that with each runned test by right clicking the class/method and running it as a single file there is automatically created a run configuration for that and if I run multiple files like that there is multiple new configurations there (Run/Debug configurations). Is there any way to hide them or disable the creation of them? They seem to be some kind of temporary configurations but they don’t disappear after restarting IDE and I have to remove them manually.

  • Volodymyr Oliinyk

    Yes new version fonts as fail, I installed the old version phpstorm 2016.3

  • Ashok Gelal

    And without this widely reported regression bug fixed which has been there for a long time? Wow!

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      These issues should have been fixed in the release. Please contact our support team: Help->New Support Request. We would need some additional info from you to resolve the issue.

  • ConstB

    releasing a major update on Friday? you sure have a lot of faith in your testing process :) or just love working on weekends :)

    • Artem Khvastunov

      EAP and the great community behind it help a lot 😉

  • Dovydas

    Everything looks great, what I noticed and would like to be changed:

    – Small line numbers, at least it seems smaller a couple of pixels compared with previous version.

    – Select dir -> Create new dir -> the parent dir in which we create new dir stays closed, it should open and show new folder. It is annoying when creating nested folders. This was ok in previous version.

    – “Find in path”. I like the changed select dir (current, project, etc.), don’t need to switch between tabs. Also it would be nice if file mask would remember all your searches, like it was before. It is 2 clicks vs writing “*.php”, since you use mouse to select checkbox it is easier to do those two clicks (open dropdown and select different extension). If there is a shortcut for checking that “file mask” checkbox then maybe it is fine.

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      Please vote for:
      – Small line numbers:
      – Select dir -> Create new dir -> the parent dir in which we create new dir stays closed: I can’t reproduce the issue. Please contact our support team (Help->New Support Request). Some 3rd party plugin could cause this.
      – Also it would be nice if file mask would remember all your searches: Please see the reason for the change and comment with your opinion:

  • Dritan

    During the update I lost all my settings (theme, shortcuts, projects …). It’s like I installed it for the first time. What can I do to fix this?

    • Artem Khvastunov

      Could you please contact our support team via “Help | New Support Request”, they’ll be glad to help you.

      • Dritan

        thx. but I found already a solution. I copied the ~/.PhpStorm2016.3/config to ~/PhpStorm2017.1/config

  • Theis Corfixen

    Nice update, however their seems to be a problem with searching in the project selection screen (The Welcome to PhpStorm window), before you could just start typing and it will find the project. However since the update nothing happens. Is this intentional or a bug?

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      It works fine for me. Please make sure that the focus is inside list of the project (you can move it there by pressing Tab) or just pressing the left mouse on the free space.

  • Doublemint Dave

    I updated to 2017.1 when I got prompted by the IDE, now every time I try to use any find function (Ctrl+F, Ctrl+R, Ctrl+Shift+F, …), I get a fatal exception. I tried disabling all plugins with no difference. How does something like this even manage to make it into a stable build?

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      It looks like an environment specific issue since there are only single reports about that. Could you please create a new issue at: with idea.log (Help->Show Log in…) attached?

  • Michiel Thalen

    The find in path i used extensively, but now i can’t really find what i’m looking for so easily.
    One of the main thing is that vendor folders are being searched which really pollutes the results.
    Also I don;t like the font, i had to change that again. Maybe add some sort of migration tutorial to explain the changes and how to get your old settings back (if possible).

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      You could select ”Scope” and select ”Project Production Files” in the find dialog to avoid files from vendor folder. Does it solve the issue?

      We’re sorry for the issue with the fonts. That was a bug that sneaked into the release:

  • Zuhayer Tahir

    Will my existing license server for 2016.2 work with the latest version?

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      It’s hard to tell whether your plugins will work with 2017.1 since there are always some changes in API that may affect some of your plugins. So it’s easier just to install 2017.1 and see how it goes. Installation won’t broke your existing PhpStorm 2016.2 and its settings.

      I believe there have been no changes in license server so if you have right on 2017.1 there shouldn’t be any problems.

      • Zuhayer Tahir

        Thanks for the guidance and reply.

  • Michiel Thalen

    Also, when i try to debug with xdebug PhpStorm doesn’t see anything anymore (no breaking happens, no messages). I’m on win 10, with the same configuration as 2016.3.3

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      Please contact our support team Help->New Support Request. We would need to collect some info about your configuration.

  • mike86uk

    Why the hell has this update reset all my font settings? Everything from the editor to the terminal has reset to some ugly default font, even though “Source Code Pro” is selected. I’ve had to revert to the old version. Please fix. I’m using the Mac version if that makes a difference.

  • Andrey Dvortsov

    I updated my version, and now I wonder what “Support of the Codeception testing framework” means? I use Phpstorm primarily for Codeception and it supposes to mean a great thing to me, but I can’t really find any info about new possibility or conveniences this update brought for me. Can you guys help me out with some info?

  • adyballa

    I lost PSR-support for composer so I switched back to 2016.3 and everything (autocomplete for classes) works fine again :(

  • ably

    Hi, I’ve updated to 2017.1 but now PHPStorm does not start. My system is OS X el capitan 10.11.6 (15G1421). Do you have any idea what can cause this?

  • He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

    I don’t like new “Find in path” dialogue in PHPStorm 2017 – its disappearing when I click outside of it, or outside of PHPStorm application. How to bring back old window, which does not disappear and stays on screen whenever I click outside of it?

  • Farhan Saqib

    Hi everyone, I need PHP license serverplease help me.