PhpStorm 2017.1 is now released: Support of Codeception, PHPUnit 6, PHPDoc in Blade injections, more

PhpStorm 2017.1, the next major update for PhpStorm, is now available! You can download it here or via JetBrains Toolbox App.

Our website has all the details of this release, and here’s a roundup of the notable highlights.


Tools and frameworks

  • Support of the Codeception testing framework
  • Support of PHPUnit 6
  • Blade Support Improvements

Editing experience

  • Parameter Hints
  • Improved support of PSR-0 and Rename Refactoring
  • Recognition of PHP class names in strings
  • Improved PHP formatting

Improvements in auto-import functionality

  • Auto-import of functions and constants
  • Auto-import from the global namespace

PHP language support

  • Full support of PHP 7 Uniform Variable Syntax
  • Current scope highlighting for alternative syntax
  • PHP 7.1: Improved support for anonymous classes
  • New code highlights
  • Configurable PHP runtime

Code quality analysis

  • Detect and convert PHP 4 style constructors to PHP 5.3+
  • New quick-fix for undefined variables

PHP debugging

  • Grouping of user-defined constants in Debugger
  • Allow choosing IP to be sent to Zend Debugger

Please see our issue tracker for the full list of PHP-related issues fixed and release notes from all previous EAP builds.

PhpStorm 2017.1 also brings major improvements in its support for top-notch web technologies, such as Vue.js support, integration with Jest, completion for modules in package.json and much more.

IntelliJ Platform has given this release lots of new features and bug-fixes as well, including enhancements in Version Control, better search in Find in Path, Support for emoji in the editor, clickable hyperlinks in Terminal, and more.

Database tools have been significantly improved with better schema management in the Data Sources and Drivers dialog, columns mapping and DDL preview in CSV import, Drag-n-drop for exporting/importing tables, SQL resolution scopes, and Respect default search path.

For more details please see What’s New in PhpStorm 2017.1 and download a free 30-day PhpStorm trial for your operating system.

PhpStorm 2017.1 is available as a free update for everyone who has an active subscription for PhpStorm or All Products!

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