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Good News for Laravel Developers

Better blade support plus comprehensive support for Laravel’s JavaScript framework of choice, Vue.js, means that it’s good news for Laravel developers using PhpStorm 2017.1.

I’ve blogged about the code completion changes in Blade templates before (you can find the post here), but there have been some extra changes worth mentioning. In the original post, you’ll see that I’m using `<?php` tags in the Blade templates to add the annotations, and that’s just not very… Laravel. So in 2017.1, we not only support the `<?php` tags but also the `@php` directive allowing you to get code completion in the view layer without breaking Laravel’s rules.


We’ve also added support for some new Laravel directives: `@includeWhen`, `@component`, and `@slot`.

PhpStorm 2017.1 also includes Vue.js support (can be installed through Settings | Plugins) thanks to our friends on the WebStorm team. As Vue.js is the JavaScript framework that Laravel comes bundled with, it should be useful for developers to have code assistance and completion and automatic import for Vue components. You can find out more in the WebStorm release post.

– Gary & The PhpStorm Team


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