PHP Annotated Monthly – April 2017

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As the nights get longer and the sun shows itself a little more, Gary Hockin, Developer Advocate for PhpStorm at JetBrains, rounds what’s new in PHP… it’s PHP Annotated Monthly.

PHP and Development

Another slew of new PHP versions last month, with PHP 7.1.3 and 7.0.17 released. The newest version of PHP 5 (and only supported version) is 5.6.30. I know, I go on about this every month, but if you’re running anything lower than PHP 5.6, then you’re unsupported. Even if you are running PHP 5.6 you’re only supported for security patches (and then only until the end of next year). You probably should consider upgrading.

Frameworks and Libraries

Once again we’re having Laravel (and Zend Framework) heavy, and that’s not by design. I try to use public RSS services to aggregate articles from multiple sources, including PHP Weekly and PHP Developer, but it’s time-consuming and difficult to collate all the links I think are interesting enough to the entire community to include here. If I’ve missed your framework or library article, I’m sorry, but I just didn’t think they would fit in an article that targets the entire PHP community.

Thanks to  for pointing me in the direction of some Yii content – get in touch if you’d like to do the same for your framework of choice.

Zend Framework





Community, Career, and Events

It was sad to see the conversation in and around the Drupal community for all the wrong reasons in the last few weeks. While it’s not the platform to vent my opinion, I sincerely hope that the friction between the Drupal leadership and one of its long-time community leaders can be solved.

Lots of conferences have open CFP at the moment including the fantastic Pacific Northwest PHP, and lots of places are selling tickets, including my favorite conference (and not just because I’m an organizer) PHP South Coast.

We hope you have an excellent April, and we’ll speak to you all again soon.

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– Gary & The PhpStorm Team

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