Importing Improvements in PhpStorm 2017.1

Posted on by Gary Hockin

PhpStorm 2017.1 brings some improvements to the auto-importing of namespaced constructs during your coding; let’s take a look at them.

When you’re using code completion to pick a globally namespaced class, function, or constant, previously PhpStorm would have prefixed the namespace with a \\ to indicate it was global. In PhpStorm 2017.1, however, you have the option to automatically add these constructs to the imported constructs using the use keyword. This is particularly useful if you are writing legacy code from pre-PHP 5.3 which is not namespaced. You can turn this setting on using the Editor | General | Auto Import | PHP | Enable auto-import from the global space option.


This has the added bonus of making your code slightly faster (as you can see from a blog post – Optimizing PHP performance by using fully-qualified function calls.

There have also been some general improvements around imports:

  • We modified an existing setting to control whether fully qualified class names are used in DocBlock annotations, you can find it at Editor | Code Style | PHP | PHPDoc | Generated Doc Blocks | Use fully-qualified class names.
  • Fixed some problems around finding usages and refactoring names that were imported as aliases.
  • Provide more useful messages when imports are not needed, instead of showing a single generic message (for example, if an import is not needed because it’s already in the scope of the class, we now tell you that instead of showing a generic message).
  • Improved auto-importing when namespaced and not in the scope of a class – this now works with functions and constants, not just other namespaced classes.


We hope this makes life easier for you, let us know what your think.

– Gary & The PhpStorm Team


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