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Learn PhpStorm with PhpStorm Workshop project

We are often asked at events and in social media, “How can I learn PhpStorm?” or, “I’m new to PhpStorm, where should I start?”. One way to learn PhpStorm is the PhpStorm Workshop project. It’s a set of practical exercises that help you learn about different features and productivity tools available in the IDE. It helped me a lot when I just joined JetBrains and was familiarizing myself with PhpStorm.

The project consists of many small lessons divided into areas such as Completion, Navigation, Debugging, Testing, REST client, and others. Every file in the project is a new exercise with code, explanations, and tips on how to get things done. You can start with any one you like, and progress at your own speed.

The project has been available for a long time, but now you can access it right from the ‘New project’ dialog (since PhpStorm 2017.1.1). Two versions are available (Vagrant and Docker) with a pre-configured environment, including PHP Remote Interpreter, Database, Deployment Server, PHP Web Debug, PHPUnit, and Behat.


To learn more, watch this short introduction video:


You can also find more details about the setup in the related tutorial. We are planning to extend the project with new advanced exercises. Please give us your feedback about this!

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