PHP Annotated Monthly – November 2017

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PHP Annotated Monthly collects all the interesting articles from the month in one convenient place. Collected and curated by Gary Hockin, Developer Advocate for PhpStorm.

PHP, Testing & Development

The big news this month is that PHP 7.2 had its final release candidate published meaning that we’re expecting a production-ready release before the end of the year. There was also some reminders on Twitter that PHP 5.6 is in security fixes only (and that only has another year to run) so why not jump straight from 5.6 to 7.2 at the end of the year?

I always find it interesting to see other people’s views when writing code and this month I’ve read two article that I don’t entirely agree with; Writing Clean Code (Part 2) and Your Unit Test Methods Need Docblocks Too. These are both excellent articles which make good points, but I just don’t agree with all of those points. Disagreement is the cornerstone of discussion, and I respect both Jason and Stefan’s opinions here, our difference in experiences and the kind of work we do means that our views can both be valid (just remember, mine is usually more valid than anyone else’s).

Frameworks and Libraries

Logging is interesting to me (yes, I know I’m a fascinating person, you should try speaking to me at parties); so much so that I tried to make a side project based around it. My whole idea was to make logging to a centralised searchable place easier by writing a central server plus a Monolog handler to use with it. Of course, this is a ton easier if you just use existing tools — read How to Connect ELK with Monolog and be done with it!


Zend Framework



Community, Career, and Events

PHP Architect released it’s November magazine Modern Magento which is an enjoyable read for anyone with a horse in the e-commerce race. I was also fascinated by the 2017 Laravel Survey Results which you can find on the Laravel News site.

Finally, FIG secretary Michael Cullum blogged a roundup of what happened in the group during October 2017.

In November I’ll be at php[world] conference in Washington DC, so if you’d like to talk about anything PhpStorm, PHP or computer games come and find me! I’ll also be at ConFoo Vancouver in early December so please come and say “Hi!”.

As usual, if you’d like me to take a look at anything you’d like to see me include in next month’s Annotated Monthly then drop me a Tweet.


— Gary & The PhpStorm Team

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