PhpStorm 2018.2.4 is released

PhpStorm 2018.2.4 build 182.4505.42 is now available! You can download it here or in JetBrains Toolbox App. If you have installed the previous PhpStorm 2018.2 invoke the Check for updates action to receive the latest update.

This build delivers bug fixes and the latest updates in Web and IntelliJ Platform.

Notable bug fixes:

  • When working with tasks and contexts and switching between tasks, IDE will now restore VCS branch and workspace correctly (IDEA-184079 +21)
  • Fixed in XML: IDE marks “Element is not allowed here” an Element which is allowed to configure (IDEA-195872 +18)

See the full list of bug-fixes and improvements in the release notes

That’s it for today! Download PhpStorm 2018.2.4 or click Update in your JetBrains Toolbox App and please do report any bugs and feature request to our Issue Tracker.
Your feedback is also very welcome in the comments and Twitter.

Your JetBrains PhpStorm Team
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  • Jan Gancarčík

    Is it intended that you force me to “Blog / Download” every minor update? Updating from 182.4129.45 to 182.4505.42. Can’t we get “Update” button working for every update IDE offers me? I have not ignored any update.

  • Mikel

    I think there is a mistake / typo in the blog post:
    “If you have installed the previous PhpStorm 2018.3 (…)”
    Should rather be 2018.2.

    • Roman Pronskiy

      Fixed, thank you!

  • Eugene Morozov

    If you were updating to each minor update, it would’ve let you to upgrade in-app.
    We had this limitation that patches could only be applied one by one, and if you missed one – you needed to either ignore the last one to get n-1, or download the whole package.
    Luckily it’s solved in 2018.3:

    • Jan Gancarčík

      Thank you, good addition (in the future). But the thing is.. I am using Storm 10 hours a day for every day last 5 years.. and no 2018.2.3 has been offered to me (or any previous). And it’s not really for the first time it happened :(

      • Dmitry Tronin

        Do you have IDE installed individually or via JetBrains Toolbox app? Do you have “automatically check of updates” checkbox enabled in Preferences (or Settings) | Appearance & Behavior | System Settings | Updates?