Free and Discounted Licenses for PhpStorm: Who Is Eligible?

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For PHP developers seeking an enriched coding experience, PhpStorm by JetBrains offers a range of discounted and free versions. In this blog post, we’ll delve into these special offerings, which are available to different segments of the PHP developer community – from beginners to professionals.

PhpStorm free licenses

PhpStorm supports various segments of the PHP community with free licenses for students, teachers, open-source contributors, training course organizers, and more. Let’s see all of the user categories that can get PhpStorm for free:

1. Students and teachers of the accredited educational institutions:

PhpStorm supports education by providing free licenses for students and teachers of accredited educational institutions (schools, colleges, and universities). Whether you’re a student working on a project or a development educator, PhpStorm’s educational licenses are here to help you on your learning journey.

If you need a PHP IDE in your classroom or computer lab, you can get free PhpStorm classroom licenses for this purpose.

2. Open-source PHP developers:

Contributors to qualifying open-source projects can benefit from free licenses to support their efforts in the PHP community.

3. Training courses, coding schools, and bootcamps:

PhpStorm offers free licenses for training courses, coding schools, and bootcamps, providing an excellent environment for teaching and learning PHP development.

If you’re a course instructor, feel free to request free licenses for your students on this page.

4. Recognized tech experts (Google Developer Experts, Java Champions, etc.):

Through the JetBrains Developer Recognition Program, various experts, such as Microsoft MVPs, Java Champions, and others, can access free licenses as a celebration of their accomplishments.

5. User groups:

Leaders of user groups can get free PhpStorm licenses and give them away at their offline community meetups and online events.

6. Content creators:

In our Content Creators Program, we support people who create tech videos on YouTube, do live coding streams on Twitch, share developer tips on TikTok, or produce other digital content around software development for a minimum of 2000 followers on a regular basis. We provide content creators a complimentary personal All Products Pack license and special offers for their audience.

If you create videos, blog posts, podcasts, newsletters, or other digital content, you’re welcome to join the program.

PhpStorm discount licenses

PhpStorm extends discounted licenses to specific user groups, providing the full range of features:

1. Universities and educational organizations:

Educational institutions can enjoy a 50% discount for commercial PhpStorm subscriptions for the development of internal projects and applications. Request this kind of license by reaching out to our support team

2. Former students:

Those who hold a Student license can continue their PHP development journey with 40% discounted PhpStorm licenses, making the transition from student to professional seamless.

3. Startups:

Our Startup Program allows all privately helding organizations that have been established for less than five years to get a 50% discount on PhpStorm, giving them a competitive edge in PHP development without a hefty price tag.

4. Nonprofit organizations:

Nonprofits working on PHP projects can access special 50% discounts, providing them with access to cutting-edge development tools. To apply for a discount, complete this form on our website.

5. Users of competing tools:

To facilitate a smooth switch to PhpStorm from competing tools, PhpStorm extends special 25% discounts to users of other PHP development tools.

Don’t fall into any of the user categories listed above? Try a PhpStorm free trial before purchasing to make sure it fits your needs.

We hope you’ve found this information useful. Elevate your PHP development experience today with PhpStorm!

These special offers apply to all JetBrains IDEs. Whether you’re a Go, Python, or Java developer, you can get a free or discounted license for GoLand, PyCharm, and IntelliJ IDEA, too.

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