PhpStorm 2019.2.3 is released

PhpStorm 2019.2.3 build 192.6817.20 is now available!

This third minor update for v2019.2 delivers many important fixes, better performance, and improved usability.

Contrast Scrollbars

PhpStorm provides lots of customization capabilities, but the one missing was the ability to set colors for the scrollbars. By default, the scrollbars are made to be less distracting.
In this release, we’ve introduced a new option Use contrast scrollbars under Preferences | Appearance & Behavior | Appearance to make them more visible.


Other notable changes:

  • The IDE now supports native password storage on Linux using KWallet (IDEA-163275 +136)
  • We’ve brought back the old ‘Compare with Current’ dialog (IDEA-209664 +25)
  • Fixed the IDE freezes caused by a lot of ignored files (IDEA-219152 +11)
  • Fixed: PHPStorm 2019.2.1 fails to upload temporary file for phpcs (WI-48678 +5)
  • Fixed: autocomplete skips parameters inside closure when using “use” (WI-48124 +4)
  • Improved the performance of SVN operations (IDEA-219881 +2)
  • Fixed: Slow response in the large Blade files (WI-47694 +2)

See the full list of bugfixes and improvements in the release notes.

Download PhpStorm 2019.2.3 build 192.6817.20 for your platform on the website or click Update in your JetBrains Toolbox App.

We appreciate you reporting any bugs and feature requests to our Issue Tracker.

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