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Video: Nikita Popov and Nikolas Grekas on Symfony PHP 8 Compatibility

As an experiment, we recorded an interview with Nikolas Grekas, Symfony principal engineer, in which Nikolas answers Nikita Popov’s question and describes the problems the Symfony team encountered in preparing the framework code for the upcoming PHP 8 release.

The release of PHP 8 is coming very soon. Just the other day the Beta 3 was published, and the first release candidate will go out on September 17.

Besides the new features in PHP 8, there are also quite a few changes that affect backward compatibility. In fact, a huge list of all the backward compatibility breaks is available in the UPGRADING document.

The interview was recorded more than a month ago, and since then several more RFCs have been accepted. Symfony had a green test suite at that time, but not anymore 😁 The issue on PHP 8 compatibility is marked with “Help wanted” tag.

We are eager to hear from you on how you like this format? Would you like to see more such interviews?

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