PhpStorm 2021.2.3 is released

The third bug-fix update for PhpStorm 2021.2 is now available!

Starting from this build, you will need to provide your JetBrains credentials to use the trial product versions. You can read more about it in this blog post.

You can update to it using the Toolbox App or right from inside the IDE. You can also download PhpStorm 2021.2.3 from the website.

Notable changes

  • Fixed: Updating indexes on every startup if IDE was closed with OS shutdown (IDEA-275337)
  • Fixed: Find in Path: “File mask” list is empty (IDEA-236785)
  • Fixed: Analyse code on commit is very slow with PHPStan/Psalm enabled (WI-61393)
  • Fixed: Quality Tools are run on Commit | Analyze Code despite that the inspection profile has them disabled (WI-61481)
  • Fixed: Complete Current Statement for Closures/anonymous functions doesn’t add a semicolon (WI-61003)

The full list of changes is available in the release notes.

And as always, please feel free to report any issues you encounter to our tracker or here in the comments.

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