Early Access Program

PhpStorm 2022.3 Early Access #2: Code Vision

In this build, PhpStorm received Code Vision for PHP, support for running tests in parallel with ParaTest, and integration with Robo task runner.

The EAP allows you to try new features from the upcoming PhpStorm 2022.3. EAP builds are free to use. You can install them side by side with a stable version of PhpStorm. If something doesn’t work correctly, you can quickly switch back to the previous version without interfering with your workflow.

Download PhpStorm 2022.3 EAP #2

Code Vision for PHP

You will now notice some additional information about classes and methods right in the editor!

This includes a number of usages for classes, traits, enums, and implementations of interfaces. It also includes the Git committer who has contributed the most to a specific part of code. The usages info is also interactive. Click on the usages text to see a complete list of locations where the entity is used.

You can configure the position of code vision text: above a piece of code or to the right-hand side. To change this, right-click on a code vision text and choose Configure – this will take you to Preferences / Settings | Editor | Inlay Hints > Code vision.

You can also disable code vision insights by right-clicking on one of them and choosing Hide All `Code VIsion` Inlay Hints.

By the way, Code Vision in PhpStorm works for JavaScript and TypeScript files too!

Run tests in parallel with ParaTest

The long-anticipated support for parallel testing in PhpStorm has finally arrived!

To run tests in parallel, you need to check the Use Paratest option in your tests’ Run configuration, and check that the path to the ParaTest binary is set correctly. Usually, if you have ParaTest added under the "dev-require" section in your composer.json, then the path should look something like this:

PhpStorm support is available starting from ParaTest v6.5.0. Make sure you have a proper version installed. We’re grateful to the ParaTest community for implementing an API that will enable us to implement this in PhpStorm.

Robo task runner integration

A popular task runner for PHP, Robo, will receive extended support in PhpStorm 2022.3, including the following:

  • A special tool window, Robo tasks, will be available if a Robo class is present in the project.
  • A running configuration for executing Robo tasks will be available inside the context menu invoked from a Robo method.
  • Each public method inside a Robo class will have a gutter icon for the respective configurations.
  • Public methods in a Robo class won’t be marked as unused.

Please see the release notes for the complete list of changes in the EAP #2 build.

  • Important! PhpStorm EAP builds are not fully tested and may be unstable.
  • You can install an EAP build side by side with a stable PhpStorm version to try out the latest features.
  • EAP builds are free to use and don’t require a license. However, they expire 30 days after the build date and then you’ll have to download a new build.

Please let us know about any problems you find by reporting them to our issue tracker or commenting on this post.

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