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New on JetBrains Marketplace: Automated Follow-Up Emails for Plugin Trial Users

We’ve added a new way for plugin vendors to maintain an additional point of contact with their users. Plugin trial users now receive automated follow-up emails through JetBrains Marketplace. This includes a welcome email, a reminder about the trial period’s end date, and a follow-up email asking users to rate the plugin if they decided to purchase it.

What emails do we send, and when do they go out?

The emails can only be sent to JetBrains Marketplace users who accepted the JetBrains Plugin Marketplace Agreement. Users can also opt out from receiving the emails by clicking an unsubscribe link contained in them. 

  1. Welcome email

This email is sent to users after they first activate a trial license for a plugin. It contains links to the plugin page, documentation, bug tracker, and vendor contact details. These details are drawn from the data on your plugin page, so ensure you’ve provided the relevant information.

  1. Trial expiration reminder

When a user’s trial period is almost over, we send them an email to remind them that the trial license they signed up for is about to expire. The email also encourages them to consider upgrading their license.

  1. Rate and review the plugin

If a user upgrades their trial license or purchases a plugin, they will receive an email a month later encouraging them to rate and review it.

What are the benefits for plugin vendors?

This new email campaign allows paid plugin vendors to:

  • Easily follow up with users after their trials begin and remind them to start using the plugin.
  • Provide users with the resources they need to get started.
  • Convert trial users into paying customers.
  • Generate reviews for the plugin.

This email campaign is one of the ways we support paid plugin vendors. JetBrains also handles other sales-related communications for plugins sold via Marketplace, including renewal reminders. As a paid plugin vendor, you can also benefit from access to JetBrains products’ users, licensing support, payment processing, and well-established sales processes.

If you are interested in making your plugin paid, please read our Step-by-Step Guide to Putting a Plugin up for Sale and apply to start selling plugins

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The JetBrains Marketplace team

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