Plugin Developers Day 2024: Your Opportunity to Be Featured in Staff Picks

The end of January marks a significant celebration for us – Plugin Developers Day!

Inspired by WordPress declaring January 28 as Thank a Plugin Developer Day, we initiated our own celebration to express gratitude to all those who develop plugins for JetBrains products. Thank you for enhancing the functionality of JetBrains tools and making developers’ lives easier!

We have an ongoing commitment to supporting and rewarding the efforts of plugin developers. For our first Plugin Developers Day two years ago, JetBrains Marketplace waived the paid plugin commission fee for a week, directing 100% of sales to the plugin authors. However, we also want to extend our gratitude to open-source plugin authors, who form the backbone of our community. 

🌟 You can now apply for a chance to be featured in Staff Picks!

This year, to commemorate the incredible work of plugin developers, we invite you to submit an application for a chance to be featured in JetBrains Marketplace’s Staff Picks. Selected plugins may also get featured on our social media channels, giving you the visibility you deserve. We recognize that you’re creating valuable plugins, and we don’t want any gems to go unnoticed.

How can you secure your spot on the list?

We’re looking for plugins that not only comply with JetBrains Marketplace guidelines and policies but also provide an exceptional user experience, aligned with the diverse needs of JetBrains’ users. While there are various best practices to keep in mind, there is no specific checklist of requirements to guarantee that a plugin will be featured. To increase your chances, pay attention to the following:

Quality: Ensure your plugin aligns with compliance, performance, security, and user experience standards.

Well-crafted listing: Create an accurate description with clear screenshots and videos that showcase your plugin’s features.

Uniqueness: Stand out from the crowd by addressing a unique problem or taking a fresh approach to an existing one.

How to apply?

You can apply by submitting a YouTrack issue, which will include a template so you can provide your plugin’s specs and write a value proposition. It’s important to note that not every checkbox needs to be marked for your plugin to be considered for the Staff Picks list. By submitting the issue, you confirm that the information you provide is accurate and up to date. You can find more details about the criteria and process in the documentation.  

Apply Now

Let’s celebrate Plugin Developers Day together!

We encourage our readers to join our celebration and take a moment to thank the developer of your favorite plugin by providing feedback, leaving a review on Marketplace, or giving a shout-out on social media. 🎉

Your JetBrains Marketplace team

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