JetBrains Marketplace Highlights of 2023: Major Updates & Community News

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Throughout 2023, the JetBrains Marketplace team invested serious effort in enhancing the capabilities of the platform for both plugin developers and users. 

Our key areas of focus have been improving the platform’s compliance, enhancing plugin feedback capabilities, and building a strong community. 

If you missed out on news throughout the year, don’t worry – here’s a quick recap of the top updates from Marketplace in 2023.

2023 JetBrains Marketplace in Numbers

Most downloaded plugins of 2023

  1. Chinese (Simplified) Language Pack / 中文语言包 – 4,9 M downloads
  2. Dart – 2 M downloads
  3. Flutter – 1,9 M downloads

Important Updates for Plugin Vendors

To streamline vendors’ interaction with the platform, we’ve implemented a series of updates:

Hidden plugins and plugin update releases 

We’ve introduced a new feature that grants you increased control over your plugin releases on JetBrains Marketplace. 

You can now release your plugin or plugin update at your preferred pace, ensuring that the plugin or its updated version will not be available to the public until you’re ready to publish it. For further information, please consult the documentation.

Improved feedback

One of the key focuses for the Marketplace team in 2023 was enhancing feedback for both plugin authors and users. 

  • Plugin authors can now see IDE build and plugin version details in reviews 

With this feature, plugin developers can gain deeper insights into users’ experience with their plugin, making it easier to address negative reviews on outdated plugin versions.

When users submit a plugin review from the IDE, they are now prompted to provide details such as the IDE build and plugin version for the plugin author. If the review originates from the IDE, and the user grants permission to share this information, you can locate these details directly beneath the review.

This information, visible only to authors, helps you quickly figure out if reported issues match the current plugin version, enabling you to decide if changes are needed.

  • Users can report a plugin 

If a user encounters a plugin that seems fraudulent, contains inappropriate content or unsolicited marketing, or violates JetBrains Marketplace Legal Agreements and Policies, it’s now possible to use the Report Plugin button on the plugin page to notify the Marketplace team. 

Simply click Report Plugin and specify the type of violation. Learn more in our documentation.

  • Reviews can be reported as well

In the past year, we introduced a functionality for reporting reviews that are inappropriate or violate Marketplace policies. If you come across such a review, it’s easy to report it to the JetBrains Marketplace team. Simply go to the review you’d like to report and select Report as inappropriate.

Auto-approval for non-stable release channels

Plugins can be deployed to either the default (Stable) or custom release channels. Following the successful upload of an update, the Marketplace team conducts a review to ensure compliance with approval criteria.

To enhance efficiency, we have implemented an auto-approval system for custom release channels. To qualify, a plugin must have an approved update within the Stable channel that is no more than 120 days old. Updates failing to meet this criterion will undergo the standard moderation process.

Compliance enhancement

In 2023, we refreshed our plugin upload form to follow the latest regulations, such as the Omnibus Directive 2019/2161 supporting EU consumer protection rules. 

As part of the updated plugin upload process, you need to decide between an individual vendor profile or an organization profile and specify your trader or non-trader status. Detailed instructions for each step are provided in our documentation.

Updates for paid plugin vendors

We’re also focusing on paid plugin vendors, which is why we introduced a volume discount feature among several other enhancements rolled out in 2023.

Now a paid plugin vendor can offer discounts for organizations buying licenses in bulk. To access the feature, the plugin’s author should go to the plugin page, specify the volume ranges, and set the corresponding discount for each range.

Top Community News of 2023

JetBrains Marketplace wouldn’t exist without a community of plugin developers sharing their creations and exchanging opinions and best practices. In 2023, as the platform celebrated its fifth anniversary, we wanted to acknowledge these collective efforts and highlight the individuals actively contributing to the platform.

JetBrains Marketplace turned five

In September 2023, we celebrated the fifth anniversary of JetBrains Marketplace. In five years, Marketplace has gone from a humble plugin repository to a thriving ecosystem that consolidates extensions for all JetBrains products. It’s been an amazing journey, and we’re grateful to every plugin developer who made it possible. 

Here, you can read about the key milestones JetBrains Marketplace has passed.

Release of the People Behind Plugins video series

To learn more about the authors of the plugins you use every day and to get inspired by their work, we have launched a series of brief interview videos called People Behind Plugins

You can delve into the stories behind your favorite plugins, explore the journeys of fellow plugin developers, discover the keys to their success, and get the inside scoop on the must-have plugins they use.

JetBrains Marketplace is now on LinkedIn

In the last week of 2023, JetBrains Marketplace launched our dedicated page on LinkedIn

Here, you can discover developer-focused content about JetBrains Marketplace, along with updates on plugins crafted by our community of creators.

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