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Busy Plugin Developers Newsletter – Q1 2024

⭐️ Marketplace updates

Revamped Downloads Trend chart

We’ve updated the Downloads Trend chart to assist plugin authors in tracking their plugin’s downloads more granularly. With this new feature, you can filter downloads by product to check the plugin’s popularity for each IDE.

New Content Moderation Policy

In response to the recent implementation of the Digital Services Act (DSA), JetBrains Marketplace has implemented a new policy addressing the reporting of inappropriate content and has updated its user and developer agreements accordingly. The new Content Moderation Policy outlines the types of content considered unacceptable on JetBrains Marketplace, the team review process, and how violations are handled. Find more details in this dedicated blog post.

Report Content feature

Plugin users can now report any type of content using the Report Content feature, which is accessible via the footer of the JetBrains Marketplace website. Upon clicking, a popup will appear, prompting users to provide the URL of the content they wish to report and specify the type of violation.

Application process for Staff Picks plugins

Plugin authors can now apply for a chance to be featured in the Staff Picks section on JetBrains Marketplace, with potential inclusion in additional promotions. The selection process involves evaluating several factors, with a focus on a plugin’s overall usefulness and popularity. This update makes it easier for users to discover noteworthy plugins, which are hand-picked by JetBrains product teams. You can submit your applications via a YouTrack ticket.

We’ve updated the lists with some fresh additions and are genuinely impressed by the plugins submitted. If your plugin didn’t make it to the list, don’t be upset. Not every IDE has updated their lists yet, so there are still opportunities for your plugin to be selected in the future. We’ll also highlight the most distinguished plugins in our content.

Volume discounts for plugins

Plugin authors can now provide discounts for organizations purchasing licenses in bulk. All they need to do is define volume ranges and set the corresponding discount for each range directly on their plugin page. Discover additional information here.

⭐️ Plugin development tooling updates

IntelliJ Platform Plugin Template 1.13.0

The IntelliJ Platform Plugin Template is a repository that streamlines the initial stages of plugin development for IntelliJ-based IDEs. Key changes in the recent update involve upgrading dependencies and fixing the calculation of the plugin publication channel. Get more insights from the release notes.

IntelliJ Plugin Verifier 1.365 

The latest release of the Plugin Verifier introduces new features such as plugin problem remappings for JetBrains plugins and the indication of .NET directory presence in IntelliJ plugins. Additionally, it fixes the plugin.xml issue where plugin descriptors were not found. Check out the changelog for more details.

IntelliJ Platform Gradle Plugin 2.0 (EAP)

The IntelliJ Platform Gradle Plugin is a plugin for the Gradle build system to help configure your environment for building, testing, verifying, and publishing plugins for IntelliJ-based IDEs. The plugin got enhanced config, multi-module support, reworked dependencies management, as well as extensive docs with a migration guide and tool to help users transition from the 1.x version.

The plugin is currently in Early Access Preview and may not support all features and project setups yet. Users can report bugs or problems via GitHub issues.
Find all of the details here.

⭐️ Useful resources

Webinar: How To Build a Plugin for JetBrains IDEs (Analog.js Example)

Watch this recorded webinar, where four experts come together to describe the first steps of building a community plugin for Analog.js.

Using Kotlin Coroutines instead of JVM threads

A new Kotlin Coroutines article describes how to write asynchronous code in an imperative style.

Language Server Protocol (LSP)

Learn more about the Language Server Protocol (LSP). The article covers LSP implementation, integration, and customization within IntelliJ-based IDEs. It details the benefits, supported features, plugin configuration, troubleshooting, and considerations for developers looking to adopt the LSP for language support in their plugins.

User interface FAQ

This article offers an FAQ guide for plugin developers on how to use user interface components efficiently. It covers topics like handling colors, text manipulation, managing recently used entries, determining current theme style, and creating borders and insets.

Extension Points: Error Handling

A new addition to the Extension Points article covers Error Handling and addresses how to effectively manage errors, compatibility issues, and deprecated API usage during extension implementations or registrations.

⭐️ Community highlights

New People Behind Plugins videos

Watch our latest interviews with Soner Sayakci, author of the 1Password and Shopware 6 Toolbox plugins, and Adel Faizrakhmanov, the Laravel Idea plugin creator. Learn about their paths to becoming plugin developers on JetBrains Marketplace and discover lists of essential qualities for success. Would you like to nominate someone, or do you have a story to share? Email us at

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