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Plugin Spotlight on JetBrains Marketplace

JetBrains Marketplace is a thriving ecosystem where developers can discover plugins that enhance their coding experience and implement and share their plugins with others. While many users find plugins through targeted searches, some may not be aware of tools and integrations that extend beyond programming to general productivity. To draw attention to this trove of valuable tools developed by the community of plugin developers, we spotlight selected plugins through our Staff Picks initiative.

Discover Top Plugin Picks

Recently, we introduced an application process for plugin authors, providing a chance to be featured in JetBrains Marketplace’s Staff Picks. All applications were carefully reviewed, and our product teams selected a handful of plugins based on their utility and impact. The following list highlights some of the chosen plugins:

OpenCV Image Viewer

OpenCV Image Viewer is a useful plugin for PyCharm users who are engaged in image processing. It provides an intuitive interface for displaying OpenCV images directly within the IDE without interrupting the debugger. While the plugin’s basic features are free, some advanced features are paid. Find more information about the plugin and its features here.
For additional insights on displaying OpenCV images during debugging, read this post by the plugin’s author: Four Ways to Quickly Display OpenCV Images During Debugging.

BashSupport Pro

This advanced plugin for shell script development supports Bash, POSIX, and Zsh. BashSupport Pro significantly enhances script development by incorporating a powerful editor with auto-completion and formatting capabilities, a visual debugger, run configurations, and remote execution and debugging. This makes the plugin the most powerful development environment for shell scripts on the market. Extensive documentation can be found here. The plugin has a paid subscription model.

Fast Request – API Buddy

This plugin is designed to streamline the API debugging process directly within your IDE. Supporting Java and Kotlin, as well as Spring and JaxRs frameworks, it provides an interface to create and send API requests, view server responses, save requests, and upload them directly to GitHub, GitLab, or Gitee. The plugin has a paid subscription model.

AZD Plugin

This plugin integrates Azure DevOps through a secure connection, streamlining pull request management right within the IDE. Additionally, AZD Plugin provides developers with intelligent autocompletion features for Azure DevOps pipeline syntax, significantly speeding up the coding process and reducing configuration errors. The plugin has a paid subscription model.

GBrowser Plugin

This free, open-source tool integrates a browser window into the IDE, enabling developers to access web resources directly within their workspace without switching to external browsers. Additionally, it offers customizable settings to personalize the browsing experience.

Better Highlights

Originally designed to enhance code readability through customizable color highlighting for various code components, this tool has now expanded to include advanced features such as direct navigation to classes or methods from comments and real-time cognitive complexity metrics. These features enable developers to write code that is more readable and easier to navigate and maintain. Some of its features require a paid subscription – see the plugin description for details.

Translation plugin

This open-source plugin streamlines language translation within the IDE by incorporating multiple top-tier translation engines, including Google Translate, Microsoft Translate, and DeepL Translate. This enables users to effortlessly translate text, code comments, and documentation right within their IDE, enhancing accessibility for developers globally.

Additional Marketplace Picks

The Marketplace team also wants to highlight the following plugins that, while not making it to the Staff Picks, deserve attention. These plugins are compatible with any JetBrains IDE and reduce friction by offering some nice-to-have functionalities:

Excalidraw Integration

This free plugin integrates the Excalidraw diagramming tool into the IDE, allowing developers to sketch diagrams directly within their workspace. It supports offline functionality and export options to SVG or PNG, ideal for working even without an internet connection.

Kursor Plugin

This is a simple yet helpful plugin for people using multiple keyboard languages. It provides a visual indication of the current keyboard language at the cursor, allowing users to avoid typing errors. 

Explore these plugins and more on JetBrains Marketplace. Feel free to suggest plugins you find useful in the comments or apply to have your own plugin featured.
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