PyCharm 1.0 Roadmap Uncovered

Have you tried JetBrains Python IDE already? Then, you are probably interested what will be in PyCharm 1.0. Many are interested. So, here is our current vision.

The focus of PyCharm development leading to the 1.0 release will be less on major new features and more on ensuring that the existing functionality works great in different kinds of projects. However, there are a number of features that will definitely be added before the 1.0 release. They are:

  • Integrated REPL with syntax highlighting and code completion
  • Improved type system (tracking of method return types, tracking of collection content types)
  • IronPython support
  • Google App Engine support
  • Highlighting of unused import statements and Optimize Imports
  • Whole-project completion (completion of not imported classes and functions, with automatic addition of import statements)
  • More Python code inspections (e.g. pylint/pyflakes)

There are also some things we are considering, such as

  • Bundling Mercurial VCS support. It is now available as a third-party plugin
  • Support for additional template languages (Genshi, Mako)
  • Support for completion and resolve of .NET types in IronPython projects
  • Syntax highlighting, code completion and test runner for doctests

If you think some of these are really important for your work, add requests to PyCharm issue tracker. Of find an existing one and vote for it.

This is our current vision but it may change as time goes. You can influence changes as well — try PyCharm Early Access version, share your thoughts on PyCharm forum and vote for issues in PyCharm bug tracker.

The PyCharm roadmap is available at and you can watch this page for changes.

Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains Team

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