Early Access Program Releases

PyCharm build 94.582 is available

We’ve just released a new EAP build of PyCharm. In additional to the usual slew of bugfixes and minor improvements, it includes two new major features:

  • Integrated REPL consoles for Python and Django, just described in Oleg’s post;
  • Google App Engine support.
  • The new Google App Engine support allows you to create Google App Engine projects, run then in the development server, and upload them to the App Engine site. While developing your project, you can enjoy code completion in App Engine YAML files and inside GQL queries (for keywords, model names and attribute names). PyCharm also provides a number of App Engine specific inspections, for example, highlighting code which is not allowed in the sandbox environment.

    Of course, this is just an initial version of the feature, and you’re welcome to suggest enhancements in our issue tracker.

    You can download PyCharm from the EAP page, or find the complete list of changes for the new build in the Release Notes page.

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