Early Access Program Releases

PyCharm build 96.115 is available

Once again, a new build of PyCharm is now available, as we continue to move through our roadmap and get closer to the beta release. The new build includes the following new features:

  • IronPython support. It includes the possibility to generate Python stubs for .NET assemblies, but for performance reasons the generation isn’t performed on project opening and needs to be triggered manually (press Alt-Enter on an import statement).
  • Improved Goto Definition and Find Usages for members of variables with unknown types (suggesting all functions in the project that have the matching name);
  • In-place rename for local variables and parameters;
  • New Python and Django console, which uses information from the runtime to provide code completion and quick documentation support;
  • New graphical test runner for Django tests.

You can download PyCharm from the EAP page, or find the complete list of changes for the new build in the Release Notes page.

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