Early Access Program Releases

PyCharm build 96.176 is available

Our work on PyCharm is steadily continuing, and today we’ve released a new EAP build with a set of nice new features. The improvements in the new build include:

  • Highlighting of unused imports, with the possibility to optimize imports (remove unused imports) automatically;
  • Analysis of method return types, which are now displayed in the Quick Documentation popup and used for code completion;
  • Move Statement action (Ctrl-Shift-Up/Down), which allows to reorder single-line and multi-line statements, as well as entire functions, easily;
  • Complete Statement action (Ctrl-Shift-Enter), which adds the missing tokens (like parentheses and colon) in the statement you’re currently editing and moves the cursor to the next line.

You can download PyCharm from the EAP page, or find the complete list of changes for the new build in the Release Notes page.

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