EuroPython, here comes PyCharm IDE!

That’s right, we are going to EuroPython 2010 in Birmingham, UK.EuroPython 2010: The European Python Conference

Really looking forward to the event. One other thing is that Dmitry Jemerov, PyCharm project lead and developer, will be speaking. On Thursday, July 22nd, 11am Dmitry will give a talk about PyCharm: New Python/Django IDE and will do a live demo of the IDE.

You’ll see many cool features, big and small, and can get a printed PyCharm cheat sheet. Do not miss it if you are there!

And what’s also great is that Dmitry will be using PyCharm Beta during his presentation. You got it right, the Beta is coming soon, along with some interesting news and offers.

Stay tuned!
-JetBrains PyCharm Team

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3 Responses to EuroPython, here comes PyCharm IDE!

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  2. It was a good talk/demo! Nice to see JetBrains represented at conferences like this.

  3. Tibs says:

    I agree. I’d deliberately gone to the talk to find out about PyCharm (indeed, I session-chaired it), since I assumed that a proper live demo would be more useful than just reading web pages. It was. We’re now looking at it in house (well, actually IntelliJ everything-included) as a direct consequence of the talk.

    The talk afterwards by a company that had customised PyCharm for their own template language and needs was interesting, as well.

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